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Braving the Boobs (for breastfeeding, that is!)

Braving the Boobs (for breastfeeding, that is!)
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I think it’s safe to say that all mothers want one important thing when it comes to bringing life into the world: a healthy baby. But there are a lot of other things to consider and decisions to be made when it comes to motherhood.

One decision, in particular, seems to be somewhat of a controversial topic in the public's eye: breastfeeding. The act of breastfeeding is an incredibly special bond between mother and baby.

In this “Beyond Clothes” episode, we talk with two incredibly inspiring women who share with us their journey as nursing mothers. They will tell you about their struggles, they will tell you about their successes and they will give any mother, or future mother, some really wonderful advice and words of encouragement. Whether you’re currently a nursing mother, considering breastfeeding, or just simply want to learn more about the topic of breastfeeding, this episode is for you!


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