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Executive Girl Talk with Rickie Kunzweiler

Executive Girl Talk with Rickie Kunzweiler
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It’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, women’s role in society was to stay at home and solely be a mother, homemaker, and wife. There was a time when it was uncommon to see women in the workplace and if they did work, they were primarily limited to nursing, teaching, or assisting men.

Now, women do it all! They are mothers, wives, homemakers all while working full-time. It’s no longer uncommon to see women CEO’s, CTO’s, executives, and managers.

In this episode of “Beyond Clothes” we talk with Rickie Kunzweiler who decided many years ago after being in a male-dominated working world, women needed a platform where they could talk about what’s important to them in terms of their career, along with what things to think about as they’re looking for that perfect career. Because of this idea, Rickie started “Executive Girl Talk.” Her goal is to educate women and help them find their confidence within the workplace.

Rickie talks about 5 key points that women should consider when trying to find, further, or be the best they can be in their career as well as what her experience looked like working her way up the corporate ladder.

Whether you’re looking for a new career, a promotion within your company, or wanting to find some confidence within your current position, this episode was made for you!


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