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Honoring YOU with Lisa Kuzman

Honoring YOU with Lisa Kuzman
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Lisa Kuzman is a clinical social worker turned Life and Soul Coach and her mission in life is to help women find clarity and direction.

In today’s episode of the Beyond Clothes podcast, she discusses what it means, and the importance, of being authentically you. Lisa explains that she was never taught to be authentically herself. She discusses that we hold ourselves back from being authentically us because of the fear of failure and vulnerability as well as the fear that we won't be liked. 

"It can feel real risky to be who we are...and we don't want to allow for vulnerability because that feels really scary...We don't think we will be accepted so we shrink ourselves down into what we think is this socially acceptable version of ourselves and so it takes a little bit of practice." 

She dives into the idea that because of these "socially acceptable" norms, we have a hard time knowing what exactly our priorities are and how to follow through on said priorities because we don't have an understanding of who we really are. We simply follow what we are "supposed" to do. 

"From a gender perspective, there are very unique things that women in their 20s are affected by. We are affected by this old age idea of, get your education, get your dog, get your white picket fence, get your man, have the babies, do the career thing...but nowhere along the way is it really promoted to just do you. Figure out who you are. Figure out what you want. Spend some time alone. Oriente yourself in the world in a way where you can make sense of things and you're not dependent on any other person or any other input and that you can just figure out how to be yourself first and then, or also, do all of those things." 

If you've ever found yourself struggling with being the real you or making yourself priority #1 - this is the episode for you! 

Listen to it here! 


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