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How to Keep Squeezing Life's Lemons When Your Sick of Lemonade with Chelsea Tracy

How to Keep Squeezing Life's Lemons When Your Sick of Lemonade with Chelsea Tracy
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It's a little ironic this episode is about staying positive in a negative situation. Now, I'm not talking about the type of irony that "gives you a spoon when all you need is a knife." (Good luck getting that song stuck out of your head!) I'm talking about the type of irony that causes you to sound like a woman with a deep, yet valley-girl sounding voice while talking about finding the positives in what seem to be crummy situations.

Allow me to clarify...

As soon as we finished recording an hour and a half worth of audio for this episode, I realized that either our recording software or our microphone had decided it just couldn't "Friday" and it was, like Chelsea and I, too ready for the weekend. Both of our voices were taken down a few octaves and sound pretty unrecognizable - even after testing and re-testing the audio before finally starting.ūüôĄūüć謆

As I was listening to the audio for a few minutes, I started freaking out that we were going to have to re-record it. I kept thinking,"Noooo! There were so many great stories, examples, and authenticity in this hour and a half. There's no way we will be able to capture that same tone if we re-record." And then, like we talk about in this episode, a moment of clarity came and I realized, it's actually pretty hilarious and couldn't have happened on a better episode. 

Time to start practicing what I preach. 

Enter me and Chelsea's alter egos: Tiffany & Skyla - (Thanks, BuzzFeed. - Find your alter ego name here.)

The episode may sound a little, well, for lack of a better term, "different" than others you may have listened to. But only different in the sense that it doesn't really sound much like Chelsea and myself, but we can assure you our message is very true to our real selves.

One of the most important pieces of personal development that I have discovered along my journey is awareness. Once I became more aware, I realized that I was letting myself see the negative side of situations as opposed to finding the positives. Why? (You may want to sit down for this one.) Because finding the negative in a situation is easier than finding the positive.

As you will hear us talk about in the episode, our brains are hard-wired to be on the lookout for any threats that may come our way. As Chelsea describes it, a result of the "man-cave" days. (She means, caveman days. ūüėČ)¬†

But after putting in some hard work - and receiving a lot of inspiration from Chelsea and all the other amazingly positive people in my life - over the last few months I have been able to start seeing the positive in any situation without having to try as hard - and it's an indescribably great feeling!

Awareness, people. It's a truly amazing thing. 

In this episode, we, (Tiffany and Skyla) give you some of our personal tips and tricks to help you stay positive in any situation along with some help from a few great articles in which you can find links to below.

Whether you're already on your journey to personal discovery or just looking to start, this episode is for you. Enjoy! 



Wait! There's more! 
Here are the links to all the amazing resources we referenced throughout the episode.

Forbes Article
 3 Powerful Ways to Stay Positive by Travis Bradberry

The Positivity Blog
How to Stay Positive: 11 Smart Habits by Henrik Edberg

Operation Self Reset Podcast
Website | Podcast

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