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It Takes a Village with Lisa Groon

It Takes a Village with Lisa Groon
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We’ve all heard the phrase, it takes a village to raise a child. In fact, you may have heard that phrase from some of our past podcast guests. Parenting is certainly not easy.

In today's episode of the "Beyond Clothes" podcast, we talk with Lisa Groon. Lisa is one of the amazing founder’s of the Nourish Birth Collective. The Nourish Birth Collective, which was started several years ago after the founder's first had their babies, is a “one-stop-shop” for all things mothering. The Nourish Birth Collective provides resources from certified and professional assistant services, offer support services like breastfeeding support, birth photography, yoga, and doula services. (Lisa herself is a certified doula!) They also answer questions, which let's be honest, all parents have! They've got an amazing educated and certified team that is beyond willing to help. And finally, they grow villages.

The growing villages part is where the topic of today's episode comes into play. One of the things that the Nourish Birth Collective provides is an incredible online group.

The Nourish Village is an online Facebook group that was created in October of 2015 as a global branch of the Nourish Birth Collective. The Nourish Village is a Facebook page with almost 6,000 members from all over the world that offers a safe community for women to connect, support and encourage each other.

In the episode, Lisa will talk about how research has actually shown that women do better with parental decisions with they are surrounded by supportive and educated people. When they’re surrounded by people they trust. You’ll hear her talk about how The Nourish Village Facebook group is just that. It’s a group of women who come from their own experiences. The page is moderated by Lisa herself as well as the other two founders of Nourish Birth Collective, Hannah Parker, and Eleanor Turner. With this Facebook page, these women have created a community that women can go to with their questions, and feelings and feel safe.

The Village Facebook page is not just for mothers, though. As you will hear Lisa explain, the Village is really a community for every woman. On the Nourish Birth Collective website, it says, “think of Nourish as your little community where you are heard and supported. A village of women who smile and hug you no matter where you are on your journey.” They have carried that message through to this Facebook page and it truly is incredible.


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