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It's Only Hair with Chris Wevik

It's Only Hair with Chris Wevik
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In today's episode of the "Beyond Clothes" podcast, we talk with Chris Wevik, author of "It's Only Hair: Hair Loss Help and Humor." At the young age of 21, Chris noticed a few smooth bald spots in the back of her head. Not sure what was happening, Chris went to the doctor where they confirmed that she had the autoimmune disease, alopecia, which is a disease that affects over 6 million Americans. Alopecia causes hair loss that can be just small spots of baldness or total hair loss throughout the whole body.

After initially being diagnosed with alopecia, Chris's hair did grow back. However, over time the alopecia came back and it ultimately spread over her whole body resulting in total hair loss.

Throughout the episode, Chris talks about what losing her hair was like. As a woman, hair tends to be a big part of who we are. Chris explains that losing her hair was not an easy thing for her. It was a process and a process that didn't come easy. It became a matter of just having to accept it. She talks about how she had to learn to cope with not having hair and finding what worked for her. For her, she talks about how she learned to embrace it and it just became a part of who she is.

Although Chris talks a lot about her experience with alopecia, this episode is about so much more than just hair loss. Chris has an absolutely inspiring and empowering message. This episode, like her book, is about attitude. It's about having a positive attitude when it might seem hard to have a positive attitude.

You most certainly do not have to have experienced hair loss to appreciate and relate to this episode. Whether you're finding yourself struggling in any areas of your life, or looking for a great laugh and inspiring message, this episode is for you! Chris has an amazing outlook on life and you will definitely walk away from this episode feeling inspired.


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