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Someone Special

Someone Special
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Bringing a new life into the world can be joyous, exciting, and probably even a little scary for most parents. There are so many things parents get to look forward to: first words, first steps, the first day of school, first dates, graduating college, marriage, a perfect career; just to name a few. It's an exciting thing to watch their child grow into a young adult. I'm sure most parents have an image in their mind of what the picture-perfect life for their child would look like.

But what happens when that picture-perfect life for your child doesn't exactly turn out the way you had imagined?

In this episode of the "Beyond Clothes" podcast, we talk with a mother who had an image in her mind of what raising her child would look like, but when her son starting experiencing arm spasms and seizures around four months old, that picture didn't exactly go as planned. Laura Dykstra Aeschlimann's son, Tanner, starting experiencing seizures and developmental regression at a young age. He was later diagnosed with Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now, at the age of 10, Tanner is a very special young boy who is helping to touch lives.

Laura talks about some of the struggles that accompany parenting a child with special needs, but more importantly, she shares the amazing rewards and life lessons Tanner has taught her. She talks about how she and her husband, Chad, have made it a priority to educate people about Tanner and his special needs so we can start a new generation of compassion, kindness, and understanding. We can be the generation that embraces the special needs community. Laura will talk about how even though parenting Tanner hasn't turned out the way she originally pictured it, she is so lucky to be his mom.

Tanner's story is absolutely incredible and it will leave you smiling and inspired.



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