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The Journey to Becoming Enough with Amanda Johnson

The Journey to Becoming Enough with Amanda Johnson
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What if someone told you that you were already perfect without having to do anything extra? What if someone told you that you were already perfect even if you didn't hit the gym one more time. Or re-edit that email one last time. 

I know, I know. It sounds absolutely crazy

In today's Beyond Clothes podcast episode we are talking with a woman who is going to tell you just that. You are already perfect without having to do anything "different." 

I know what you're thinking. That's really easy for someone to say that your perfect when you know very well that you could pull out your long list of reasons why you're not perfect and all the qualities you need to work on. 

Good news! Today's guest knows exactly how you're feeling. 

You may remember Amanda Johnson as the host of our first monthly empowerment event, Setting Soulful Intentions. Or maybe you remember my reference to her book in the last episode, It's Time For A Change with Chelsea Tracy. Well, today Amanda is back to discuss her recently released book, Becoming Enough - A Heroine's Journey To The Already Perfect Self. 

Similar to her book, throughout the episode Amanda discusses her journey to finding her already perfect self. She talks about how she spent most of her life reading different self-help books and attending different workshops and seminars, only to realize that she was already whole, complete and perfect. 

Amanda talks about how we all struggle with our internal voices and being okay with what simply is. She shares her journey of taking off the protective armor and being truly okay with herself. She discusses how in life, we get to choose how we perceive things. Whoa, right?!

One of the biggest and most interesting pieces of her journey she shares with us is the definition of perfectionism. How her once "perfect" definition of perfectionism has morphed into a new more realistic one.

"What if perfect isn't what I thought it was...Perfect might not mean things going them the way I want them to go...Perfect is things going to way they are meant to go and in that, everything is perfect, including me." 

If you've ever found yourself struggling with paralyzing perfectionism, debilitating doubt, or constant comparison, this podcast episode is for you! 

Listen to it here: 
Wait! There's more! 
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