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#ThisIsOurWhy Series: Kacie Olson

#ThisIsOurWhy Series: Kacie Olson
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Over the past few weeks you may have seen us advertise about how we've changed and updated a lot of things at the boutique. We've recently launched our new online site, we’ve dropped the “boutique” portion of our name so we are simply just "Chelsea’s," we’ve got a brand new logo, and we've even changed some things in store as well.

Like so many other people, we were ready for 2016 to be over and to be able to start fresh with the new year. But with all these new changes we’ve continued to say the same thing, New site. New Logo. Same Chelsea’s. But what does it mean when we say “same Chelsea’s?”   

We’ve said it before that our biggest mission here at Chelsea’s is to help empower women. I believe that the reason it is so important for us to be a business that truly helps to empower women and have them feel confident in their own skin is because we've gone through things ourselves where we have needed someone to be there for us to help us find that beauty, courage and confidence. 

That's why today's episode is so special. If you've been in the store before, you have more than likely met our boutique manager, Kacie. Kacie is the sweetest, most kind hearted person I've ever met. Growing up, she struggled with an eating disorder as well as self harm. In this episode, Kacie explains her struggles with anorexia and bulimia and she also takes us through her journey with cutting and burning.

This episode is proof that we've gone through real life issues ourselves. Throughout the episode, Kacie explains how the women around her helped her through her journey and why it's so important for her to help empower women on a daily basis. 

If you've ever struggled with the journey of life, this episode with an inspiring overall message is absolutely for you!


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