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Well Blended and Better Together - A Blended Family Story

Well Blended and Better Together - A Blended Family Story
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We all know that divorce is very common in today’s day and age. I’m sure a lot of us have heard the statistics that about 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. And a majority of those divorced couples have children together.

Now, many of those couples who divorce end up remarrying and according to, 40% of married couples with children in the United States are actually step couples, meaning at least one partner had a child from a previous relationship. Blended families are more prevalent now than ever before.

Blended families is a term that can take on a lot of different meanings. It’s somewhat of a blanket term for a “non traditional” family. In today’s episode, we are talking about it in relation to a couple who had two children together, divorced, and are both now remarried with children from their new relationship.

Our featured guest today is Emily Sorenson. Emily married her husband Scott, who has two children from his first marriage. Together, Emily and Scott have two children of their own. They have a very unique blended family. They get along very well, and spend a lot of time, with Scott’s ex-wife, Megan. Megan is also remarried and is actually in the process of adopting another child.

Like I said, this blended family story is VERY unique and very inspirational.

Emily opens up about their unique process of blending their family, the initial insecurities of being a step parent, the struggles of finding where the line is when it comes to being a step parent and how they have all worked together over the years to have a great blended family portrait. She gives great insight on topics and questions that I think a lot of step parents or anyone from a blended family may wonder about.


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