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What's Holding You Back? with Sarah Rhea Werner

What's Holding You Back? with Sarah Rhea Werner
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We wanted to end Women's History Month with a bang. So it's no coincidence that today's guest is who it is. 

Some of the biggest questions I've found myself wondering about are things I think many women may find themselves asking are questions like, "why do we hold ourselves back from having the life we want?" "Why is is that we continuously think we aren't good enough when in fact we ARE good enough?" 

Enter today's wonderful guest, Sarah Rae Werner. Many of you may know Sarah as the dedicated senior content strategist at Click Rain, the host of the "Write Now" podcast, the Forbes columnist, the writer, or some of you, like us, may just call her a friend. 

Sarah sits down with us in today's episode of the "Beyond Clothes" podcast and answers some of life's biggest questions.

She addresses the metaphorical cages that we have created in our minds that hold us back from going after what we truly want in life and how sometimes it takes failure to move forward.

"We create cages in our can take action and step outside of those and it's scary, I want to acknowledge that because it took me a lot of false starts to take the risks that I'm talking about, but if you're willing to take some of those false starts, and to fail a little bit, and to fail forward and to fail into the arms of someone who cares about you, I think you'll go really far." 

She talks about how there is nothing stopping us from living the life we want to live, other than ourselves. She explains that no matter where we are at in our life, WE are creating the life we want to live. She asks if the decisions we are making every day are leading us down the path that leads us to the life we desire.

I can assure you that this episode will make you think about your life. Sarah does a great job of asking the hard questions that we might be afraid to ask ourselves. 

If you feel like you've been at a standstill in life, or need some inspiration to start living the life you've always wanted to live, or even if you just need a little motivation to keep moving forward in accomplishing your dreams, this episode is absolutely for you. 

Listen to it here: 

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Below are some quick links to read and hear more from Sarah and the "Write Now" Podcast! 

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