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3 Reasons Why We LOVE High-Waisted Jeans

3 Reasons Why We LOVE High-Waisted Jeans
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Okay, this is the MAIN reason why I love high-waisted jeans so much. Before I proceed to tell you why the fit of high-waisted jeans is so awesome, it's important to note that not all jeans are created equal. If you've tried on a pair of high-waisted jeans and thought, "no way, this is not for me," don't be dismayed! The right pair of high-waisted jeans should hit you at the most narrow part of your waist--find a pair that does this! Some are too high, and some are not high enough. When you find a pair that hits you are the perfect point, it will give you that illusion of a tiny waistline while making your legs look SO LONG. Seriously, whenever people compliment me on my long legs, I'm like, "girl, it's mainly the high-waisted jeans."

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Aside from high-waisted jeans being JEANS (meaning they look great with just about everything), they're also great for all ages. Yes, I said it! Some women are timid about trying high-waisted jeans because they think that style is just for the "young girls," but it's so not. Woman of all ages can benefit from having jeans that fit great and show off their waistline. If you're concerned with looking age appropriate, then look for timeless styles that don't feature distressing, appliqué, or other trendy details.

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High-waisted jeans come in an ENDLESS variety of styles, so you're sure to be able to find a pair you love. The list could go on forever, but different styles include distressed, skinny, mom, straight, flare, dark wash, light wash, appliquéd, raw hem, multi-button, and more. It's great to have a basic everyday pair of high-waisted jeans, but once you have some everyday jeans, have some fun with it and try more unique styles!  

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