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3 Ways To Rock an All-Black Outfit

3 Ways To Rock an All-Black Outfit
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Hey there! I’m Tianna, a Personal Stylist and Confidence Stylist here at Chelsea’s. In September of 2018, I started cosmetology school. It has been quite the ride with many challenges and opportunities to learn, but I’d have to say one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out how to remain fashionable with an all-black, white, and grey dress code. When I first started, it had to be solid colors. No stripes, no polka dots, nothing. So naturally, I gravitated towards black because it was the easiest and most chic, in my opinion. For my own personal style, I like bouncing between classically chic and effortlessly edgy. Pro tip: I’ve learned that accessories are the icing on top when it comes to an all-black outfit! So follow me for some inspiration from my three favorite outfits to wear!


Outfit #1 Business Chic

  • V-neck bodysuit 
  • High waisted cancans 
  • Mules or blingy sandal 
  • Long blazer 
  • Sparkly earrings 
  • Light eyeshadow and a bold red lip 

This is definitely my most favorite look to sport. It’s fun, classy, fashionable, and super chic. Can you tell I like the word chic? This look is perfect for a business setting when you’re wanting to make a good impression or just looking like you have your life together! If you want this to appear a bit more relaxed, try wearing your hair down with some loose beach waves and choose a more neutral lip color. Something I figured out the day I put this outfit together was that v-neck shirts and blazers look amazing together.


Outfit #2 Clueless Inspired Fit

  • White scoop neck t-shirt 
  • Black spaghetti strap tank 
  • High waisted cancans 
  • 90s-inspired slides 
  • Black beret 

This outfit is a bit more fun and spunky! Inspired by my all-time favorite movie (as if!) it’s perfect for an occasion where you want to be casual, yet stylish. Hats aren’t allowed at school BUT it would be a super cute addition for a chilly autumn day. (Yes, yes I know it’s summertime but nothing can beat fall fashion.) For this combination, I like using natural brown and gold eyeshadow, but instead of the bold red lip, I do more of a warm, red lip. Again, if you’re not a fan of the red lipstick find a pretty neutral! My go-to neutral shade is a gold shimmer from Revlon, which you can buy at Target or Ulta!


Outfit #3 Effortlessly Edgy

  • Black cropped t-shirt
  • High waisted cancans 
  • Flat sandal 
  • Sparkly earrings 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Red hair scarf (optional)

Slay any occasion with this universal combo. I love this outfit for nights spent downtown, going to the movies, getting coffee, shopping - literally anything. I like to wear a sleek bun and natural makeup, but you can, of course, snazz it up with a red lip. ;) For all of my black outfits I usually like to wear blingy jewelry, that’s just my personal preference. However, if that’s not your style you could definitely do a simple stud, necklace, or bracelet. Or if you’re not a jewelry person, that’s totally cool too! The key to rocking any outfit isn’t about specific items or brand names, it’s what makes you feel confident and beautiful! 

Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how to spice up your all-black combos! Of course, if you need any additional assistance, they don’t call me the queen of all-black outfits for nothing ;) How do you rock your all-black ensembles? Tell me please, because I’d love to know! 

I hope to see you at the boutique sometime soon :) Until then, peace and blessings!

Tianna Schlup




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