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A Little Love From Our Personal Stylists

A Little Love From Our Personal Stylists
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Becky: I love shopping for others more than I love shopping for myself. I have a deep-rooted love affair with how beautiful the female body is. Does that sound super weird? Maybe it is...But I genuinely and truly love how uniquely formed each and every single one of us is. Our bodies are meant to be celebrated, enjoyed, nurtured, cared for, and respected. You were beautifully and wonderfully made. 

It is so easy to lose sight of the aforementioned facts. As women we overload ourselves with our day-to-day, our work, motherhood, habits that coulda and shoulda been, and so much more -- we will openly go weeks without treating ourselves to a moment of alone time as if it's an inner competition to perform better than our friends and peers. It is challenging to be a woman. We feel pressure from so many parts of our lives every single day. Allow me to sweep you away for a Personal Styling Session here at the boutique. 

There are zero strings attached. We will learn about each other, we'll laugh, we can crack a bottle of wine or converse over a cup of coffee. I want to surround you with much-needed self-love. Enter our private space and see outfit after outfit chosen carefully JUST for you. Remember that little questionnaire you sent back to us when you booked your appointment?...We took all of that information and carefully curated multiple outfits specific to your wants, needs, and preferences. I want you to find pieces that you are 100% comfortable in (even if it takes some challenging of your comfort zone to get to that point!) because that means that you will continue to wear them time and time again. 

Oh! I have so many words. Haha! Can you tell? One final blurb about my style. I would honestly say that I am all over the place. I love casually classic pieces (linens, solids, comfort) but I have a really thick string of hipster/edge that shows up in many of my outfits. 

Caitlyn: What I love about personal styling sessions is that they help you learn more about and develop your own style in a way that’s super fun and detailed. My favorite part, specifically, is that the focus is on you! The positive and encouraging environment these sessions provide help you focus on what makes you, and only you, FEEL good.

My personal style can be described as “casually classic,” meaning I like to feel comfortable and laid back but still put together. Recently though, I’ve branched out of my comfort zone a bit and added some items to my closet that I never knew I’d love. If you would’ve told me I’d be in love with a leopard print skirt last year, I wouldn’t have believed you!

My goal is to help you feel confident and important, but I also want to help you find a few of those “I never would’ve pick this” items that make things a little more fun!

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