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What's YOUR Body Shape?

What's YOUR Body Shape?
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Do you often find yourself loving an item on a mannequin or your BFF, but when you try it on you can’t seem to put your finger on why it just doesn’t look as good? Is your Pinterest board full of items that you want your style to reflect but every time you try and recreate the looks you feel as though you just can’t seem to pull it off?
Chances are, you probably aren’t picking items specifically for YOUR body shape.
Did you know there are 5 main body shapes and based on which category you fall into will actually depict what items will flatter your body and which ones may fall a little flat?
If you haven’t done so yet, head on over to our website and take our short and easy Body Shape Quiz so you know exactly what shape you are! Then come back and learn more about your shape, tips and tricks to finding the perfect items for you & how to stop buying items that hang in your closet with the tags still attached. (guilty!)

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Welcome back! 
Before we dive into each body shape, I do want to mention that there is no good or bad body shape. Period. And in fact, you can't really change your shape. It’s simply your genetic makeup and bone structure. No matter how many squats I do and how many chest presses, I’m always going to be bottom heavy (and have to wear a padded bra) ;)
Without further ado, let's get started! 

You have a full chest with little or no waist definition


This shape seems to be the one most people wish they weren’t or assume that it’s a “bad” shape. Helloooo… if you’re an apple you actually have a chest & legs to kill for! Lucky gal! ;)

Your best asset: Legs

Style Tip: Show off those shapely legs and choose styles that will elongate your torso and create a waistline for you. Add structure on top with angles & asymmetrical hemlines.

Favorite Fabrics & Colors: Wear larger prints & patterns on your bottom half and keep colors more simple on top. Layer dark tops under jackets. Choose heavier fabrics like cotton & wool.

Favorite Accessories: Heels! Show off those lean legs with high heels!

Clothes to Wear
Tops: Deep v-necks, wrap tops, structured hip-length jackets: single button, nipped at the waist

Bottoms: Mid-rise boot cut pants with back pockets, A-line skirts

Dresses: Empire waists, draping & ruching

Clothes to Avoid:
Tops: Turtlenecks, sleeves that end at bust line, ruffles

Bottoms: High waisted pants, skinny jeans, pencil skirts

Dresses: Shift dresses, drop waists


Your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a well-defined waistline.


Oh heeeeey… it’s my shape! You know you’re a pear when you struggle with buying dresses because they always end up being too tight on bottom and too loose on top. Typically as a pear shape, your top half will be 1-2 sizes smaller than your bottom half.

Your Best Assets: Shoulders & Waist

Style Tip: Draw attention to your little waist and shoulders. Adding volume to your upper body will minimize your hips.

Favorite Fabrics & Colors: Wear prints, bright colors, and embellished tops, but keep your bottom half colors darker and avoid prints.

Favorite Accessories: Statement jewelry! A stylish necklace or earrings will draw the eyes up and away from your larger bottom half.

Clothes to Wear:
Tops: Boat necks, one shoulder, jackets cropped above waist, embellishment    

Bottoms: A-line skirts, boot cut pants

Dresses: Strapless, A-line, vertical seaming or pleats, knee length

Clothes to Avoid:
Tops: Oversized or baggy, jackets with pockets at hip area, turtlenecks

Bottoms: Skinny jeans, side details, bright or printed

Dresses: Shift dresses, pleats, mini-dresses, dresses with tight bottoms


You have a narrow waist & hips with wide shoulders & a broad chest.

A strawberry, or inverted triangle, is pretty much the exact opposite of a pear. The difference between a strawberry and an apple is that strawberry’s will actually have a bit of a waistline, their shoulders will be extremely wider than their hips and they don’t tend to gain too much weight in the middle.

Your Best Assets: Legs

Style Tip: Draw attention to your waist and hips. Soften your upper body by accentuating your lower body.

Favorite Fabrics & Colors: Lighter colors and prints on the bottom and darker colors on top.  

Favorite Accessories: Focus accessories towards your bottom half- Embellished shoes; Bracelets; Rings; Larger purses

Clothes to Wear:
Tops: Deep v-neck; Single button jackets that nip at waist; Wrap tops; Peplums

Bottoms: A-line skirts; Wide leg pants; Long, flowy skirts; Distressed & baggy; Side pockets; Big back pockets

Dresses: A-line; Shorter; Scoop & V-neck; Drop waists; Pleats

Clothes to Avoid:
Tops: Square necklines; Spaghetti straps; Ruffles; Shoulder pad; Flowy sleeves; Off the shoulder

Bottoms: Pencil skirts; Skinny jeans; Dark colors

Dresses: Square necklines; Boat necklines; Halters

You have little or no curves. Your hip and shoulder widths are proportional.

Typically this shape has more of an athletic or slender build.
Your Best Assets: Legs & Arms

Style Tip: Show off your slender arms and legs and choose styles that create the illusion of curves.

Favorite Fabrics & Colors: Soft fabrics like lace, silk and lightweight fabrics with natural draping. Stay away from stiff fabrics. Styles that are fitted at your midsection but flare out at the bottom.

Favorite Accessories: All types of jewelry & embellished details

Clothes to Wear:
Tops: Longer jackets; Layers; Ruffles; Off the shoulder; Scoop & v-neck; Peplum

Bottoms: A-line skirts; High waisted, wide leg pants; Bootcut; Flared jeans

Dresses: Halters; Embellished from the waist up; A-line; Peplum; Pleats, Sheath

Clothes to Avoid:
Tops: Boxy, cropped jackets; Vertical stripes; Shoulder pads

Bottoms: Boyfriend jeans; Straight cuts; Pencil skirts;

Dresses: Shapeless; Too tight


You have a small and defined waistline and your shoulders and hips are proportional.


This shape seems to be the one everyone crosses their fingers that they have! Hourglass shapes are typically well endowed in both their top and bottom half and have a very slim natural waistline.

Your Best Assets: Slim waist & curves

Style Tip: Show off your curves while still being modest. Remember, never too baggy and never too tight.

Favorite Fabrics & Colors: Keep it simple with monochromatic, solid colors. Don’t overwhelm with too many prints or patterns. Stick to stretchier, fitted fabrics and avoid anything with too much drape.

Favorite Accessories: Waist belts; Heels; Statement Jewelry

Clothes to Wear:
Tops: Scoop necklines; Wrap tops; Fitted jackets;

Bottoms: Skinny jeans; High waisted; Pencil skirts;

Dresses: Wrap dresses; Sheath; Peplum; A-line

Clothes to Avoid:
Tops: Oversized or baggy; Empire; Dropped waists; Straight or boxy jackets

Bottoms: Skirts or pants with voluminous side pockets; Baggy jeans

Dresses: Boxy or shapeless; Babydoll; Drop waist


So there you have it!
The 5 main body shapes, style tips, what to wear & what to avoid! I hope this helps your next shopping trip! If you’re still needing some help, stop in and see us! We’d love to talk more with you about your body shape and help you find items perfect for you!
We also have a new system that lets you shop by your body shape in-store! Simply check out our easy to follow shopping guide to know exactly what color hanger tags to look for when shopping.

Still looking for a little more help?
Book a Personal Styling Session with us!
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Sign up today and let us help make shopping fun again!

Until next time babes,


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