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Cute & Comfy - A Killer Combo

Cute & Comfy - A Killer Combo
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I find a lot of truth in the notion that looking presentable will make a person perform better. Personally, I was never one to wear sweats to class or to a social function. Shortly after I had our daughter, my husband gifted me my first pair of sweatpants and though I'll admit they're pretty incredible, I still try my best to make it a point to present myself in a way that is consistent with how I feel: confident, beautiful and smart. With that in mind, here are some ways to look cute AND comfortable. 


Outfit #1

In my first outfit, I chose to pair a simple graphic tee with vibrant-colored shorts. For an added little layer, I threw a denim button-up over the top. These shorts have a longer inseam and are higher rise which makes them very comfortable and perfect for an everyday look.

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Outfit #2

No one said you had to let go of your beloved leggings just to dress up a bit! I would never be able to do this. I live in jeggings/leggings, but it is a rule of mine to make sure my booty is covered (which I think dresses up a look instantly!) Here I paired an oversized sweater with olive leggings and threw my hair up in a cute little scrunchie. I love dainty accessories as cute little outfit-boosters. 

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Outfit #3

Here it is! I know you're all waiting for this look! Enter: the cowl neck sweater. Year after year this beloved trend comes back so why not rock it?! I paired the sweater with a pair of black jeans. Personally, I think black denim is an effortless way to add a little sophistication to any outfit - something different than blue denim. Add a little sandal with a small heel and you're set to go in style.

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Outfit #4

I LOVE this and I think it shows on my face. I was surprised by how comfortable this was to me. This top was my first taste of elbow patches and, well, I like them! Since the return of high-rise jeans, you won't catch another style on me. They're comfortable, flattering and they make me feel like a million bucks. Perhaps you've seen people walking around with tied basics. This is a trend that I've found myself doing as well. If your top is a bit long or too baggy, throw a little knot in it to fix the fit. 

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Here's the deal, girl, whatever cute and comfy means to you is exactly how you should illustrate that feeling! If sweats are your jam, you have to keep on keepin' on with that. Whatever it is that keeps you moving out the door with your best foot forward, that's what we need to see! 







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