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Capsule Wardrobe Q&A With Sheila Norman

Capsule Wardrobe Q&A With Sheila Norman
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What made you want to create a capsule wardrobe?

Simplicity, Versatility and Mobility! I wanted to increase my time freedom. Reducing the interaction I have with things increases my time to engage with life enhancing activities. I like to do a small load of laundry once every 1-3 days. Having less clothes to work with makes this much simpler. Versatility - I wanted to be able to put an outfit on and wear it fluidly from one activity to the next, like work (which for me is teaching yoga,) to playing with my daughter, to going out or running er- rands. Mobility - my dream of spending winters in a warmer climate shifted to reality, and the less I have to pack and store the more mobile I can be.

How did Chelsea's Boutique assist you in creating your dream capsule wardrobe?

Chelsea immediately edited items based on the best color and fit for me, my body type, and my goals. That was very helpful because even if an item is interesting or exciting, it doesn’t mean it needs to take up space in my closet. She made a photo book of many possible outfit combinations, with shoes and accessories. It made my clothes look more new again and showed lots of combinations at a glance.

In what ways was creating a capsule wardrobe enjoyable?

Lighter and brighter! I think everyone enjoys that feeling! I also like doing what I can for Mother Earth, and less is more.

In what ways was creating a capsule wardrobe challenging?

In general, in our culture, being inundated with choice and possibility can drown out what you really want to hear - your own voice! Choosing what items you want to spend your time in was and continues to be the most challenging.

How did you feel once you finished creating a capsule wardrobe?

Very happy. It was a chore I had been sitting on for years - haha! Having Chelsea help out made it actually happen.

Are there any boundaries you had to establish for yourself in order to maintain a capsule wardrobe over a long period of time?

Yes, it seems very easy to accumulate even if you don’t want to. I think some of that comes from not being able to find what it is you are actually looking for. Some boundaries I have are to avoid impulse buys, unless of course, I find something I have been purposefully looking for. I also look for items that are responsibly created.

What is the top tip you would give to others who are considering creating a capsule wardrobe?

Keep it light, then lighter! Find what works for you as you create your wardrobe, give yourself time to shift behaviors, and patience and awareness as you shift internally. You want to feel light throughout your process and continuing onward. If you start to feel restricted or bogged down, aim back again toward that light.


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