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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes
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If you're like many of us, Halloween always seems to come out of nowhere! If you're like ME, you weren't going to dress up at all until you received a last-minute invite out and now you're scrambling to find something right out of your closet. Because your daughter's unicorn princess costume was just a little biiitt (lol, ok) too small, you're now staring at what you have to scrounge together and call a costume. 

We put some simple ideas together from items straight off of the Chelsea's Boutique sales floor! 

The Spy


I know what you're thinking...

"I do not have hot pants in my closet. Nope." Well, okay, fine. But do you have black leggings? Those will work, too! I chose this quick costume for myself because I have an over-abundance of black in my closet. These vegan leather leggings are actually amazingly comfortable - I was pleasantly surprised and with a turtle-neck and a blazer or long jacket, you can instantly call yourself a whole slew of things: Spy, Secret Agent, our Confidence Stylist Tianna ;) , Stevie Nicks - the list goes on. Add a hat and some shades and you're good to go!


Arthur the Aardvark!


Chelsea gets some extra points for creativity here. This is about the very last thing I could've possibly thought of for a Halloween costume. How cute is she as Arthur?! Can you even say "Arthur" without also singing the chant "A - A - R - D - V - A - R - K" because if you can, that's impressive. What I love the most about this costume is the fact that every single one of the clothing items is 100% wearable on a day-to-day basis. A pair of KanCan jeans, a super soft cable knit sweater, a button-up blouse, and our wedge sneaks. Dollar Store on the way to your party? Grab a pair of brown animal ears! 


Mary Poppins


This suits Allison so much and I love that. Allison is compassionate, kind, precise and incredibly smart. I would also use those words to describe Mary Poppins! She found a midi-length plaid skirt, a basic button-up blouse, a blanket scarf and a hat to complete her costume. Grab an umbrella and you're out the door! Same thing here as with Chelsea's costume - each of these pieces is 100% wearable on any given day which makes this idea easy and practical.



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