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Be Emotionally Present

Be Emotionally Present
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Failure can be all-encompassing. What if you allow yourself to work past it? What if you let yourself come out on top? What happens when you understand that it is o.k.a.y. to fail?

Shelly Gaddis is well known in our community. She's a business owner, mother, and entrepreneur. Shelly owned Elegant Mommy for almost 12 years and founded Educated Mommy. She created an incredible and safe place for new parents, especially mothers, to use as a resource during the greatest changes and challenges of their lives. Failure is not a word that Shelly is unfamiliar with. 

"Failure isn't failing, it's learning."

Shelly is a beautiful and tough-loving woman that believes in "picking yourself up by the bootstraps". She's strong, passionate, and urges failure to be embraced and challenged. Shelly has experienced failure from the business aspect and also from the point of parenthood. In her greatest moment of weakness, her husband picked her up by her bootstraps, helped her to get to the point of realization that she needed to leave her business and refocus her love and time. It was her rock-bottom. 

"As a parent, you need to be emotionally present." 

We hear about balancing work and life all of the time - especially from parents (mothers). Shelly talks about how she learned and is always learning that there are boundaries that need to be established within the workplace and at home. It isn't necessarily about finding the balance, it's about time-management and learning how to be efficient and present during your daily grind. 

Listen to the 3rd installment of Underneath the Clothes' failure series to continue to become more and more comfortable with failing. Challenge yourself to continue to grow and accept the most trying moments in your life - whether it be personally or professionally. 


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