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My Business Gave Me Hives: Failure with Chelsea

My Business Gave Me Hives: Failure with Chelsea
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Have you ever been so challenged by something that it gave you full-blown hives for over two weeks? In this fourth episode of Chelsea's Underneath the Clothes podcast, the tables turn and Chelsea herself is interviewed by the beautiful and powerful Shelly Gaddis. This failure installment has been littered with inspirational words, challenging realizations, hopeful outcomes and a whole lot of passion. 


"I tell you this not because I want your pity or that I want you to feel sorry for me. I tell you this because in the moment, failure can feel as though you're drowning and like you will never be able to come up for air. But in those moments, that is when you must push forward."


In this episode, you get to listen to Chelsea's heart and will understand why she cares as much as she does about her vulnerability and the lessons that she has learned from over ten years of business-owning experience.


Over the years, Chelsea has failed enough times and in enough ways that she has truly learned how to move forward from situations as such. When a person can come to the realization that there aren't enough fingers in the world to use to point blame, a beautiful and uplifting change will occur. 


At the end of the episode, Chelsea challenges us to this fantastic call-to-action: 

Take steps today to find those people that will love you for who you are. Set boundaries around your relationships. I can't stress to you how much you will see your life change when you set boundaries that will keep yourself at the top of your priority list. 


What are you going to do about it?


"Failure is not the opposite of success.

It is part of success." 



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