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We Need Cupcakes That Say "You Failed!"

We Need Cupcakes That Say "You Failed!"
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The lovely Melissa Johnson, owner of Oh My Cupcakes! joins Chelsea in this episode of her podcast: Underneath the Clothes with Chelsea. She's an experienced and affluent female business owner in Sioux Falls and there are so many reasons to love on this woman.


Melissa is from the Sioux Falls area and came from a background in radio and communications before dipping her toes in women's ministry. After realizing that her heart was not in the right place, Melissa opened Oh My Cupcakes! and now has three locations with over 45 employees. 


[Failure is an] "Opportunity for learning. We will all fail in life but it's what you choose to do with [the failure] that will determine the future." 


Failure is what makes us successful. Failure is, as Melissa states, "the birthplace of innovation". You will surely want to listen to Melissa talk about her experience with Reebok Pump (yes, the sneakers). It seems like an interesting story to come from a cupcakery, doesn't it? She goes on to discuss the importance of truly recognizing your failures, acknowledging them, learning from them and moving right along from them. 


"I will take my share of the blame, but I will not take all of it." Melissa leaves us with those powerful words at the end of this episode of Chelsea's podcast. As women, and as humans, we are empaths. But how powerful could our failure(s) become if we remembered that we don't have to own all of it (them)?


Chelsea's Notes


If you really enjoyed this episode, I ask that you please share it with a friend or two. Let’s start a movement of Failure Parties, let’s talk about our failures, let’s get vulnerable with what’s really going on in our lives! If you LOVED the episode, take a screenshot, and share it on social media with the tag @underneaththeclothes. I LOVE getting feedback from you so I know what kind of content to keep creating for you all!

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