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Our Favorite Fall Accessories

Our Favorite Fall Accessories
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Does anyone else seem to have a countdown for everything fall? Maybe that's just me. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, chilly mornings and evenings, finding the perfect turkey...this season is just the best. The first time we wake to a 50-degree morning you can consider me wrapped up in a blanket scarf and in full-force cooler weather gear. Something I love about fall accessories is the fact that they just do not go out of style. Chunky scarves, deep-colored hair accessories, neutrals, and gold tones will simply always be around.



Lightweight leather earrings were ALL the rage this summer and they're coming right on into fall with us, too. Taupe is such a beautiful neutral because it will pair with any other color. This is perfect for those of you that maybe don't love to mix your brown and black tones. At the boutique, we carry some trendy leather earrings that were made locally right here in Sioux Falls!



The oversized scarf: fashion's little gift to humans. Up here in these parts, you can see your breath when you head to work in the morning but it's pushing 70-degrees by lunchtime. An oversized (or blanket) scarf is the perfect addition to your fall accessory collection. Jill illustrates how beautiful they are wrapped around the neck but also how perfectly they serve as a poncho! It is easy to see how useful this little number will be this season. 



Consider gold a neutral and quickly run to get yourself some sweet little vintage-inspired hair clips. It does not matter if you have blonde, brown or purple hair, this timeless look will round out any outfit. I love how simply put together this style appears. Try wearing a clip off to one side with your hair slicked behind your ear, or, add a clip to spice up a simple top-knot by placing it directly under your bun for a more polished look! Effortless and so very classy!



Maybe you had a tardy start to your day, are working on growing some bangs out, hate it when face-fuzzies attack your eyelashes or are just a trendy lady, a hair scarf (or headband) is a fall accessory that we cannot live without. Floral prints and deep jewel-tones is a love language - I'm pretty sure. Keep one in your bag or purse at all times for those just-in-case hair emergencies. 


 “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L. M. Montgomery


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