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Happy 11th Anniversary, Chelsea's!

Happy 11th Anniversary, Chelsea's!
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We've been in a bit of a speechless state around here as of late. (Ok. Not entirely. We're a bunch of ladies full of a lot of things to say.) You all know by now that we recently completed our largest renovation to date. The inside of our beautiful store is nothing like it was before and is now full of a whole lot of awesome. Truly, though, we have you, our beloved customers, to thank for that. When you take the time to fill out the short surveys that we send do you, we use that information to move forward. It is one of our greatest accomplishments to always continue to move forward around here. :) 

In the midst of the chaotic renovation love, the boutique celebrated our 11 Year Anniversary! WOW. Here's a super fun photo of the four of us awkwardly celebrating what might read as our 10th anniversary but, it's not, we're totally on numero 11. 



Chelsea first opened our beloved store in Chamberlain, SD in 2009. In December of 2012, Chelsea closed her Chamberlain shop in order to move here to Sioux Falls, SD. In March of 2013, she opened the doors of her little piece of (smaller) heaven on Phillips Avenue. Not long after that, in 2016, we moved to our current location at 220 S Phillips Avenue which has much more room than we've ever had before! 

Since then we've morphed into something that we've dreamed about for quite some time. We house women full of passion, pride, vulnerability, love, and so much more. You're likely to think us a broken record by now but it's true that we are so blessed to have such an incredible team. 



It's her, all. She's the reason for the season. 

Chelsea would never do this so I'll go ahead and take the reigns from here. Our beloved store has made it to its 11th year on account of this woman's complete love affair with failing forward. It's a truly beautiful thing and we do not take it lightly. A business owner that tells you their company took off like an angel into the sunset is probably afraid of being as real as this woman. Chelsea's is built on learning a whole lot, being completely open to change and transitions, vulnerability, and the understanding that we're all in this together. 

We are proud and humbled to be the longest-running boutique in downtown Sioux Falls and it is because of our leader. You deserve every beautiful thing that comes your way. 

Please, please stop into the store to look at what we've created for you. This space is beautiful and we are thrilled to be able to share it with all of you! Here are some of our favorite little areas in our new space! 

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