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How To Wear: The Boot Sock

How To Wear: The Boot Sock
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Such a wonderful fashion invention!
A trend that will keep your feet warm, while looking incredibly stylish.
Another great fashion invention!
A trend that can be dressed up or down, but can be hard to wear when you live in a region that has below freezing cold temps 8 months out of the year. (Brr... ☃️ ) 
Two questions that we are frequently asked are how do you wear boot socks and how do you wear ankle booties in winter?

Let us help answer BOTH of those questions for you by showing you three different ways to wear the boot sock trend with ankle booties and skinny jeans. 

One of the easiest ways to wear your favorite boot sock is to pair it on the outside of your skinny jeans. Simply pull the sock up over your boot and ruffle it up so it looks a little messier and bunched.

Pictured Shoes: Milana
Pictured Jeans: Melissa

The messy cuff is my personal fav way of wearing the boot sock trend as it gives off an effortlessly casual vibe.
Simply put the boot sock on before you put your skinny jeans on. Once you've got your skinny jeans on, cuff the bottom of the jeans and ruffle it up so it doesn't look quite like a straight line cuff. Put your ankle bootie on and adjust the cuff as necessary (depending on ankle bootie height) so you can see the boot sock peak slightly through. 
Pictured Shoes: Harlyn
Pictured Jeans: Melissa


The classic cuff is a great way to wear the ankle bootie trend during late summer/early fall.
No boot sock is required for the classic cuff.
Simply cuff your skinny jeans so a little part of your ankle sticks out between the top of the ankle boot and the bottom of the cuff. 
We suggest wearing a low cut ankle sock or really any type sock that will not show with this trend.

Pictured Shoes: Madison 
Pictured Jeans: Melissa

Not a skinny jeans person?
Here's a quick 4-step guide on how to wear the boot sock trend with any boot cut or flare bottom.

Step 1 
Start by cuffing the bottom of the jean once. You will want to create a big cuff.  

 Step 2 
Cuff the big cuff again to create a smaller cuff. 

Step 3 
Fold in the side of the jean to create a skinny jean effect and put on the boot sock. 

Step 4
Put the boot on and voila! You have successfully paired the boot sock trend with a non-skinny jean! 😎

Pictured Boots: Abbey
Pictured Jeans: Ruthie



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