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Love Yourself

Love Yourself
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So some of you may, or may not know, but I (Chelsea) am turning 30 this year. Although, I’ve been jokingly saying I’m almost 30 for the past few years. October 25th, I will be entering into a new part of my life: the dreaded 30s.

But, turning 30 is actually having quite the opposite reaction on me than most. I am actually EXCITED to turn 30! You might be thinking I’m crazy or wondering how in the world I could be excited about turning another year older, so let me explain a little bit.

My entire life I have struggled with self-esteem and body issues. Genetically, I’m larger than the average woman (thanks mom and dad!). It doesn’t matter how much I work out or how many pieces of pizza I don’t eat, I will never be a size 2, heck I don’t think I’ll ever be a size 6! And for the first time, I think EVER, I have completely accepted that about myself. For the first time EVER I actually LOVE my body. I don’t diet because I want to lose weight, I watch what I eat because when I eat better I FEEL better. I workout not so I look good in a bathing suit, but because it gives me energy, improves my mood and pushes my body to a new level that I wasn’t at 6 months ago.

For the first time, in my life, I am so incredibly happy because I am simply being me. There are no masks I’m wearing, no facades I’m putting on, and no one I am trying to impress. I am simply living life being open, vulnerable and honest. The three words I wanted to focus on this year as a leader within the business and within our beautiful community. So that is why I am SO excited for turning 30, because I am excited for myself and what new and wonderful things I will continue to love and embrace about myself. I’m going into 30 being excited about the future because I am TRULY happy.

Okay, so that’s all sweet and nice, Chels. But WHY exactly are you telling us this? I’m telling you all of this because with summer rearing it’s gorgeous head, I want you to remember that it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, or don’t weigh. It doesn’t matter how pale or tan you are. It doesn’t matter if those stretch marks are showing or if your postpartum bump is still hanging around. What matters is how much YOU love YOURSELF. Take it from a girl who did not love herself for a very, VERY long time. The sooner you can jump on the self-love wagon, the happier you, your family, and everyone around you will be.

I just happened to be in Florida last week and although we flew into a tropical storm, we were still able to enjoy one day on the beach. During that day, I asked my incredibly amazing boyfriend to snap some photos of me in my bathing suit. Ya, actual PHOTOS to document how I look in a bathing suit. My 22-year-old self would have died, heck my 27-year-old self would have rather eaten spoonfuls of sand then look back at photos of me in a swimsuit!

But here they are, photos of my 29-year-old body in a bathing suit and you know what, I think I look pretty damn good!! Yes, I wish my thighs were smaller and less hail denty, and you better believe I’ve done all the research possible on how to make your boobs miraculously grow. But looking at these photos and remembering how happy I was in those moments, how hot I felt (literally and figuratively) as my boyfriend posed me and snapped photos. It was such an amazingly empowering moment for me.

So I want you to remember, as summer slowly makes it’s way into our world, no matter what size swimsuit you’re buying, or if for the first time you’re having to purchase a one piece, you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.
I heard this quote once and it really changed things for me:
“And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”


I love you, and all your beautiful curves -


PS - as much as I wanted to edit these photos, I did not, it's just simply me. :)


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