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Lovin' Your Apple-Shaped Body

Lovin' Your Apple-Shaped Body
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At times, after having a child, women will find that their midsection has changed. Becoming an apple shape after childbirth is a pretty common occurrence for most of us, but for me, I have always had a rounder middle. An apple body is when you carry your weight around your midsection and sometimes chest, but are not big in the hips and thighs or the arms and shoulders.  Even as an in-shape competitive gymnast I would have love handles or a rounder front to my abs, and for the longest time I did not know how to dress my body to look and feel confident in some of the styles over the last three (let's be honest here, add almost a fourth one) decades. Don't even get me started on the super low rise jean craze of the early aughts! 

Learning how to dress for my body shape changed my perception of how I looked at myself and gave me the confidence to feel beautiful in a variety of styles. The winter months can be especially hard to find outfits that helped me to feel confident. A lot of the styles are bulky (crop sweaters are my nemesis) and work against our natural shape this time of year. For all of us Apple ladies, I would love to share three outfits that give me confidence in various situations. 

My Everyday 

For my personal day-to-day, I am very much a classically casual person. I love a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt and in the cooler months, throwing a cardigan over is a default for me. As an apple, I love the current trend of having high rise jeans. It's important for our body shape to create a waistline where sometimes there isn't one. High rise jeans feel like they hold everything in, and highlight more of the natural waist area gives rounder bodies some form. I'm obsessed with graphic tees and they pair perfectly with a cute high rise and a cardigan. 

Party Time 

When it's time to get formal, I really love the look of a maxi dress or a really great tailored jumpsuit. A lot of jumpsuit styles and maxi dresses right now have gathering at the natural waist which is definitely flattering for an apple body shape. The reason I love jumpsuits extra is that because having the legs instead of a skirt bottom elongates everything from the waistline down; drawing the eyes past the tummy and onto our legs which are generally an asset to Apple body shapes. 


Polished Casual

The last item that I love for an apple body shape, is a great long cardigan. Much like what the legs of a jumpsuit do to an apple body shape, a great cardigan that falls below the hips breaks up the midsection to create length. Even as a short shorty, I love the links I can create by having a long cardigan. One of my favorite outfits is a black T-shirt, black jeans, and a pretty long cardigan that is the highlight of the outfit. I am all about color, so a pretty gesture or card again in a folder color or with a pretty design on it is a go-to for me. 

Mostly though, knowing how to dress my body instead of wishing it was the shape of someone else's body, is the biggest hurdle and goal for me. Learning to love the body I was born with and stop wishing sore at the body of someone else's totally changed my perspective. I can feel confident and beautiful, and that my friends is a pretty wonderful place to be!


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