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Meet Confidence Stylist: Riley Rasmussen

Meet Confidence Stylist: Riley Rasmussen
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My name is Riley Rasmussen. I am senior at Lincoln High School and I will be graduating in May! My mom is Becky. Yes, the one from Call to Freedom. Then, there is my dad, Chris, and my step-mom, Michelle along with my two brothers, Elias and Gabriel. They have just returned to the United States after living in Haiti for a year and a half as missionaries!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A majority of my free time is spent working on my photography and videography. I love capturing different sights and moments with a camera. To continue my work at school, I am a photographer and a part of the media team for the Lincoln High School Newspaper. However, every once in awhile you can catch me writing stories too! Also, I attend Balleraena Dance Studio where I dance both Contemporary and Hip Hop.

What is your style?

My style is “Casually Classic.” I love layering multiple pieces and wearing different patterns to add more to an outfit! You can usually find me wearing sweaters, jeans, or some patterned pants. I like to look cute but also stay comfy!

What do you like about working at Chelseas?

I like working at Chelsea’s because of the people and the environment. Each person at Chelsea’s is strikingly amazing in their own way. The environment is constantly uplifting and inspiring. The fact that Chelsea’s is so much more than a boutique is what makes Chelsea’s an awesome place to be working at!

Do you have any random/fun facts about yourself?

My FAVORITE place in the whole world is Haiti. I have been to Haiti 2 times and am planning on taking more trips soon! I am absolutely in love with all the kids and environment.

Most times, you can find with either a camera or GoPro in my hand trying to photograph or video something going on.

Also, for some odd reason, whenever someone tries to take a photo of me I always give a “thumbs up.” Don’t ask why, I have no clue.

Stop in and meet Riley in person! She's pretty awesome, so you won't regret it.


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