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Meet Courtney! Our Brand & Media Designer

Meet Courtney! Our Brand & Media Designer
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Hello and welcome to my little corner, my introduction, and basically where I was given a chance to throw out some text into the world. This is especially challenging for me, and please keep this in mind, because I am all about visuals. I draw, I create things with my hands, but when it comes to words I typically end up looking like I am playing a game of charades when having a conversation with someone as I try to elaborate on exactly what I am trying to say.

So here we go.

If you met me in an elevator, and you were wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, my 30-second professional phrase to describe myself would be, "Hi my name is Courtney and I look for an opportunity where I can act as a conduit between someone's subjective and objective self. I am inspired by what shapes us as an individual, and love to help transform a clients' voice into a digital identity."  (Then the elevator would ding, you'd awkwardly exit the elevator and try to hide your face behind your briefcase.)

Since we are not in an elevator, and I have a blank canvas in front of me to explain myself, you're in luck (and don't have to hide behind your briefcase). I come from a background of 10 years working in senior living care, and I was enamored with the residents I was blessed to meet. I loved to know what had shaped them in their life, what values they carried with them, and when they looked back- what made them smile the most, what stuck out after 60+ years of life experience.


I landed here at Chelsea's as your Brand & Media Designer after finally accepting what the Universe was trying to do for me. (Yes, I am a strong believer that there is a higher power out there at work.) In March of 2019 I attended one of Chelsea's empowerment events, "Fail Forward" was the theme and I got to hear how other strong women in our city conquered their fears in not only their businesses, but life. They came out of the darkness of depression and anxiety and self doubt, and into the light of failing forward into what the Universe had in store for them.

** Quick shout out to Melissa Johnson of "Oh My Cupcakes" for giving me a hug that evening and reminding me that "we need each other to get through the darkness". This stuck with me and will continue to stick. **

After that event I buried myself in what came naturally to me; being creative. I made books. I made planners. I drew portraits. 



Continuing to do what I loved made me realize life is WAY too short to do anything else. I saw the job posting for a brand & media designer at Chelsea's and along with all the amazing creative things I would get to do, the values of the "Chelsea's culture" are what won me over. (If you think you can't work with a bunch of girls because they are not supportive or they may be catty, listen to me, THEY ARE THE WRONG GIRLS.)  I am maybe two months in, and this job continues to be nothing but a positive outlet accompanied by an incredibly KIND, SUPPORTIVE, and EMPOWERING group of women that I am blessed to say I work with.

I am at the end of my words now, and if I don't wrap up soon I worry I may start going into weird gestures or a game of charades so let me summarize all that I have said and tie it up with a little bow -

If you are unhappy, if you are sad, if you feel unworthy, LISTEN to what the Universe is trying to tell you. Life gets UNBELIEVABLY better when you do.

And please, no matter how far you may fall into "darkness", never give up.

xo Courtney


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