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Meet Fashion & Merchandise Manager: Becky Squyer

Meet Fashion & Merchandise Manager: Becky Squyer
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I apologize in advance here. Someone at the boutique suggested that I take a few words via blog post to introduce myself. Well, here’s the very first thing people learn about me: I am not a woman of few words. Strap in for some quality TL;DR.

Hi! Hello! I’m Becky and I cannot begin to express how excited I was to walk back into the boutique doors as a team member after a 3-year hiatus. We’ve been here before, you and I, but it’s different this time. You’ve changed, Chelsea’s. You’re confident, brave, bright, challenging and more beautiful than ever. I’ve got a crush on you for sure.

My professional background spans from corporate merchandising management, local boutique management, 10+ years of local restaurant management, (for the last 6 years, you’ve seen me at M.B. Haskett) professional content creation and social media management and honestly spans all the way to daily toilet cleaning - I have cleaned some pretty nasty toilets. I thrive with busywork and need to constantly have tasks thrown at me. It is a belief of mine that there is no job too small. Each working human being needs to be reminded of their humble beginnings and it’s very important to me to be sure that the loved-ones I work with on a daily basis feel like they’re on a level professional playing field.

Back to that local business thing for a moment. Downtown Sioux Falls is where I am from. All of my roots are located within walking distance of Phillips Avenue. I met my husband, for Pete’s sake, working at Gigglebee’s (R.I.P.) at age 14. Our daughter was raised within the walls and on the patios of Sioux Falls born establishments. I love the SF ecosystem, our ability to thrive, the stunning array of humans we have to love on and so much more.



Here’s the basic personal Becky background…

I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD and have really only ever left to attend college at The University of SD. My husband Paul and I got married in 2013 but have been a unit since 2009. I am one strong and independent woman but, man, I would not be half the human that I am today without Paul. I hope that, in whatever capacity it means for you, you find a love like the one that I have been blessed with. In 2015, we welcomed our first child into the world. Ophelia (Opie) Elizabeth is a gift. She’s the only thing that makes me lose my words. I am simply enamored by her intelligence, grace, strong-will, and beauty. I’m sure you’ll meet her, and, my advice to you is to be sure to come with your wit intact. She’s a spitfire!



In my free time, I love to garden. We have a very large vegetable garden at our home and nearly the same amount of flowers. Summertime is my jam and all I want to do is be outside - an extra perk if we’re near water. As I’m sure you can deduce from the garden thing, the restaurant management thing and the downtown thing, my husband and I are also major foodies. We both love to cook and when we get the fleeting opportunity to spend time together, you better bet we’re stuffing our faces somewhere. The only food I can think of right now, that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole, is liver. Ack. Thanks for that scar, Dad.



If you own a glove and dare to play catch with me, I played competitive fast-pitch softball for 16 years. I was a catcher for my entire career and I miss it every single day. I may be small but put me on the agriline and I’m pretty fierce. Fun fact: I can throw from behind home plate to the center fielder on my knees. My father was my coach for that whole expanse of time as well and after losing him unexpectedly a couple of years ago, that is something I hold on my heart so closely. If we aren’t in the garden or doing the food thing, we’re at the zoo with Opie, on the bike trails or finding another park tower to conquer.



Hey! You made it this far! Go you! Like I said, TL;DR. Thanks for hanging out with me. I cannot wait to meet all of you and I could not be happier to be back at Chelsea’s!




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