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Meet General Manager: Brittany Christensen

Meet General Manager: Brittany Christensen
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Creativity in my everyday life is what motivates me the most. I’ve always had this spontaneous attitude of wanting more, and sometimes I struggle with drawing the line of being too unrealistic. But I believe you should never settle for “easy." Every day you should challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone to grow and learn. Dream big, otherwise what’s the point?


What does my position entail?

Hmmm... where do I even start? In this position I will be the "go-to lady" for all the things. Everything from HR, to buying, to marketing, to financials, and everything in-between to keep the business running smoothly.


What excites me most about working for Chelsea's?

I am beyond excited to work in an environment surrounded by such inspiring ladies! And...being able to be the buyer is an added bonus!! ;)


What did I do before coming to Chelsea's?

I managed Lot 2029 Boutique in Sioux Falls, SD for over 3 years, and left there in September to pursue more experience in the marketing field. I feel that having a background in marketing is a great asset to have in any business. So I accepted an internship at the Mason Jar Boutique in Dell Rapids, SD, for marketing and social media content.


What do I enjoy doing in my free time?

I love to travel and constantly experience new things! You can also usually find me strolling downtown, snuggling on the couch with my high-maintenance beagle (if you know, you know ;)), or reading a motivational book. I also love to journal, it's my way of expressing myself and it always rejuvenates my soul. And last but not least, online shopping - I am an addict.


Fun fact time!

Hometown: Pipestone, MN

Guilty pleasure: Cookie dough is my weakness.

Bucket list: Honestly, to travel to as many places as possible in my lifetime.

My style: I'm a mix between effortlessly edgy & trendy chic.  I love making a statement and being unique with my style, but I also love neutral colors and classic pieces that will last forever.

I can drive a stick shift, pretty well actually.  

I LOVE eating tomatoes, I know weird right?

I have a cosmetologist degree and do hair & makeup as a side hustle.

I've always been drawn to the ocean, but am absolutely terrified of what's in it.

I'm a huge animal lover.

The only way I will eat Oreo cookies is if I cover them in peanut butter and drown them in milk. Then, when they are almost soggy but still have a little crunch - I scoop them up with a spoon. I thought everyone did this!? haha. (Yep, totally got this from The Parent Trap - it was my all time fav!)


Check out this video to learn more!


Stop by the store sometime and say hi to me in person! I'd love to meet you.


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