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Meet Maddie, Our Photographer!

Meet Maddie, Our Photographer!
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My name is Maddie Peschong and I'm a personal and commercial branding photographer and educator in Sioux Falls. When it comes to photography, I've dabbled in it all over the past 8 years to really figure out what makes me tick: babies, kids, families, seniors, weddings. While I love it all (I just love pretty pictures!), branding is where my passion is. I'm a marketer at heart, and being able to help other businesses with their visual brand is so incredibly rewarding. It's pretty pictures, but with a purpose; there's so much power in that!
I'm joining the Chelsea's team as their photographer and I am PUMPED. I've followed this crew for years, and absolutely adore what they're doing. So many of our core values are the same, and they've built something truly special. I can't wait to be part of it!

I'm a mom to two toddlers, so when I'm not behind a camera or computer, they take up the majority of my time. My kids are close in age, and I kind of feel like I blacked out the first year of two under two - ha! Now that they're a little older, getting out and about with them is so fun. This summer we (myself + my husband, Jeff) have been trying to keep busy with trips to the zoo and pool (for the kids), and local kid-friendly breweries and wineries (for mom and dad!), and it's been a blast. They're really turning into such fun little people, even if we're basically always tired!
What's something people may not know about you?
I once had a photo go viral, and it was the centerfold of People Magazine. That was crazy! I loooove being alone. I definitely have extroverted tendencies, but to reset and refuel I need to be by myself. It's my favorite when I'm just alone in my quiet house! And I don't have a ton of super-close friends. My husband always rolls his eyes because we can't go out without getting stopped by people I know, but my list of close, personal friends that I'd talk to about everything is really short. It's mostly made up of family members or people who have known me forever! Also, I just asked Jeff this question and he said NOTHING. So, these may not be super surprising. I'm a pretty open book! ;)


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