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Meet Office Manager: Allison Tuttle

Meet Office Manager: Allison Tuttle
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Hi there! My name is Allison, and I am the newest addition to the Chelsea’s management team.

In early June I jumped on board as the office manager, which has kept me busy filing invoices, keeping goods stocked, and being a support for our current confidence stylists. When the position posted in April, I thought it would be a good fit for the analytical, task-oriented part of myself; as I went through the application and interview process, though, my desire to work at Chelsea’s grew on a deeper level as I saw how my personal values aligned with those of the boutique.

Now, each day I spend with the amazing women of Chelsea’s, I find that I'm uplifted, challenged, and supported. My heart is full of hope for the lessons and friendships that are to come out of my time working here! I am utterly grateful to be a part of this team :)

You see, I am a person who loves and thrives off of relationships, opportunities to grow, and positive environments. My time at the University of Sioux Falls opened my eyes to recognize this, and it gave me a great space to flourish in all of these areas. After graduating in December of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology/Philosophy and English, I began searching for new places in which I could cultivate my gifts. For me, this led to deepening relationships at my church in addition to serving with the middle school ministry, Wyld Life. I never thought I’d be spending many of my evenings with middle schoolers playing Extreme Tic Tac Toe or cheering teammates through a blind obstacle course. Yet, there’s not much that brings me more joy than these times spent together!

This position as Chelsea’s office manager invites me into another space to learn and develop new skills in a positive community, and it offers the time to pursue my dream of writing. From Chelsea’s emphasis on “failing forward” to the focus we have on individual strengths and encouragement, I’m confident that I will learn what it is to be a better leader and, honestly, a better person through this new job. Plus, I now have not only the time outside of work, but also the energy, to write and read and think deeply about what sparks my passions. Again, I am just full of thanks for this new adventure I get to take with Chelsea’s!

Adventure – that’s how I like to think about life, and I’m lucky to have an amazing co-adventurer in my husband, Josh. He’s the best person to take an evening walk with around the neighborhood or to travel across the country alongside. We’re pretty simple folk, who love the idea of living intentionally small and mobile (maybe in a tiny house someday?!), but for the time being are happy to plant here in the wonderful city of Sioux Falls.

In this past year, we both have fallen hard for the Whittier neighborhood just east of downtown. In fact, the day before I started here with Chelsea’s, we moved into a new home there! We are looking forward to grill outs, gardens, and lots of good company. Mostly, I’m just stoked about our little three season front porch where I can plant myself with a book for a couple hours of sun-filled bliss, adventuring through others’ eyes and lives.

Oh! and I’m very, very excited for a YARD! We couldn’t help ourselves and a year ago we brought home a beautiful little Bernese Mountain dog pup, who we named Ruby. Now she’s huge. And oh so very sassy. Still, I love her cuddles and how she has not ceased to make us laugh (even on the day she ate an entire t-shirt). Come give her some love if you see us at the dog park!

I mentioned my passion for writing above, but it’s not just the act of writing I love. No, I love stories, words, language – the ways it works when it’s done exquisitely. For a long time, I have wanted to be a writer, but I’ve always struggled to make the time for it. With my new transition to Chelsea’s, I’ll be using more of my free time to write.

My first project is collecting stories from people in my community, on topics meaningful to our lives, which I then hope to share through a blog. The end goal is for both myself and others to begin engaging on a deeper level with those around us, to seek out each others’ stories. So, if you see me around the boutique (or at any of the wonderful coffee shops downtown where I spend far too much time) be sure to ask how the writing is going!

In the meantime, know that you are loved, wanted, and worthy.

Joyfully yours,


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  • Faye: July 11, 2019

    Awesome Allison!!! You will flourish at your new job! And I know someday I will be having you autograph my copy of your latest book!!! God has great plans for you!!

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