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Mother's Day As An Expecting Mother

Mother's Day As An Expecting Mother
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As many of you may know I’m expecting my first baby in August. These months leading up to August are filled with so much anticipation and excitement. One question I’ve had come up in the past few weeks is: do I get to celebrate Mother’s Day as an expecting mother? Part of me feels like maybe I need to earn Mother’s Day and next year I’ll officially be a mom with a few months of experience under my belt, but I feel as though I’ve already started this journey into motherhood and have started to make those hard choices that are best for my growing baby. So, even though I don’t have a baby outside my belly yet, I decided I’m still going to start celebrating Mother’s Day this year.



I lost my own mother when I was 11 years old, so Mother’s Day for me has usually been pretty low key and usually included some tradition celebrating my mom’s beautiful life. This year my husband and I have decided to create a few new traditions of our own.



One of those traditions includes a photoshoot. For me, photos with my mom and me are one of the most precious things I own. These photoshoots don’t need to be fancy or expensive, you can simply step out into your backyard and snap a few photos. This year I’ll take a few photos with my growing baby bump and someday get to share those with my daughter and tell her, “that’s you in there and even then I was captivated by you.” I meet so many moms who have a million and one photos of their children but often never insert themselves into the photo. Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to put yourself in an outfit you feel great in and get yourself in a few of those photos. I promise they’ll be something you’ll grow to treasure.



The second thing I plan to do for this first Mother’s Day is to spend some time doing an activity I enjoy. For me, this will probably include sipping a latte or iced tea at Starbucks while getting lost inside a good book.

I’ve also been sending my hubby some helpful hints of some good gift ideas for my first Mother’s Day. So far my ideas have been a new soft blanket for the rocker in baby’s nursery, some cute decor for the nursery, and some bath products I’ve been eyeing.  



I hope that this Mother’s Day whether you’ve been a mom for years or are just entering into your journey of motherhood that you’ll carve out the time to capture some memories of these sweet moments and also carve out a little time to do something that will fill your cup.

Thanks so much for reading this today. I’d love to hear from you ladies. Did you celebrate Mother’s Day while expecting your first? How did you celebrate this time of anticipation? What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day traditions?

-Kacie Olson


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