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My First Styling Session

My First Styling Session
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—Disclaimer: Let me begin by telling you that I do not like awkward silence. I am very outgoing and love to meet new people, BUT I have a hard time listening to silence. Before I go to the hair salon or the dentist, I run through a mental check list of questions to fill the silence. Secondly, I am very short-5ft, which means it can be tricky to find clothes that fit right.—


When I first heard of a personal styling session at Chelsea’s I thought 2 things immediately.

First, pride fully I thought I would never need this. I know fashion. My years of working in a clothing boutique boosted my self-esteem. What more could I learn about my own style that I don’t already know? Secondly, if I ever did do a personal styling session, what in the world would I talk about for 1-2 hours? How awkward would it be?

I finally made a decision in 2019 to stop over thinking things and just do it. Like the Nike slogan. I was so sick of being in my own head and over thinking everything. I decided to book a personal styling session through Chelsea’s.

I want to share my experience with you because maybe as a fellow woman I can answer some of your anxious question that may be going through your head.

When I went to the Chelsea’s website, I signed up to book a styling session. After that, I took a short survey. It was simple and easy! There were questions that ranged from my preference of what I liked to wear to questions about what kind of clothing I was hoping to add to my closet.  I was already impressed. This was a very professional thing to do. The survey showed me that my time mattered to them, and they didn’t want to waste it. Also, it showed me that they wanted to get to know me better, which made me feel good.

I was very nervous on the day of my styling session. What if there was awkward silence? What if I didn’t like a single thing that they picked out for me?

I was greeted with kindness and excitement. The head stylist Kacie was my personal stylist. She led me back to my dressing room which was filled with complete outfits (even down the accessories and shoes.) I was blown away! I thought there would be maybe 3-4 outfits. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to stress about looking around the store trying to find every clothing piece. It was all done for me and all in my size.

Back in the dressing room I also got a folder with my name on it. I instantly felt important to Chelsea’s. They took the time to put this together for me. In the folder, they put the results of the survey that I took which included what kind of body shape I was. I found out I am a Strawberry, something that I didn’t know before my styling session. It makes sense. I have broad shoulders, and I am short with skinny legs.

When it was time to try on my first outfit, I was a little nervous. It was a white, light weight sweater with larger bell sleeves and a cute bow at the wrist area. I had seen this sweater in the store before I came in and thought it was too much for my short frame. I wouldn’t have tried it on, because I didn't want to look any shorter than I already am. When I got the sweater on and turned to look in the mirror, I absolutely loved how it look on me! It wasn’t lacking any warmth with the long sleeves, but it wasn’t the same old sweater that I had been wearing all winter. It had the fun twist of the sleeves and the bows at the wrist.

I paired the sweater with the jeans that Kacie picked out for me. They were high waisted, button down, light jeans. I instantly fell in love with them.  If you haven’t at least tried high waisted jeans, you're missing out! If I can wear them being so short, you can definitely wear them.

I work at an elementary school in Sioux Falls and love to dress up with cute tops and shoes. I am lucky enough that I can wear jeans to work every day.  This was a perfect addition to my closet. 

Kacie then showed me the shoes she picked out to complete the outfit. I am very picky about my shoes.  It ends up being a tug and war between myself. I love them all, but do I really? Would I ever wear these shoes? 

I took one look at them, and I am going to be honest with you. I didn’t like the style of them. They were tan, short cut booties. I loved the color, but I wasn't sure about the curly detail on the side by the ankle which made the shoes look very western.  My style had always been the opposite of western, although I could rock a good cowboy hat in my past! At that time, I didn't own anything close to western in my closet. 

After I put them on, I fell completely in love with my outfit. This was the missing piece.  I am not one of those Instagram models, but when I had this outfit on I felt like I was one. I felt powerful and beautiful. I know some people will roll their eyes when I say that beautiful part. That is something I have learned. Clothes are more than just clothes, they are an expression of ourselves. Every once in a while, we get it right and that perfect combination of what we have been searching for comes through. I found that in this first outfit. Now I know what you’re thinking. Of course she found it. Of course she loved her experience, and of course she loved everything she tried on. 

That was actually not the case. There was quite a bit that I didn’t like on myself. I didn’t feel comfortable, and Kacie knew that. She picked up on it. There was no pressure to convince me to change my mind otherwise. She made me feel comfortable to be honest about what I like and what I didn’t like. 

I know you don’t need to believe me when I say this, but I learned so much through my personal styling session. The dramatic part of me would like to say that it changed me! It changed my perception and my ideas. I know what shape I am now. I know to step out of my box, because stepping out of my box is beautiful! I now have found some amazing pieces to add to my closet, pieces that wouldn’t be there if I hadn't taken the first step and did my personal styling session.

In conclusion, I know we are all busy. Everybody is busy. We are constantly moving and grooving. I would say treat yo-self! Take 1-2 hours this month, and schedule a personal styling session. It is the most fun you could hope to have. I left the store feeling beautiful and confident. That is what I would wish for you!   

 -Karina Poirier


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