National Give Back Week 7-Day Challenge – Chelsea's

National Give Back Week 7-Day Challenge

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This past fall I was in a long line at my favorite dessert shop. After a long and stressful week, I had decided to treat myself. When I got up to the line to order, the salesperson told me the gentleman ahead of me had already paid!

I ordered my macaroon and tears started to stream down my face. This kind stranger had totally changed my day around. For some time now, since then, I’ve been seeing people doing things to pay it forward and I always think to myself, I should do that sometime!

When Chelsea mentioned wanting to do something to spread some kindness around the Sioux Falls community, and since the week of February 12-18 is National Random Acts of Kindness week, we thought there was no better time like the presence!

We wanted to do something special here at Chelsea’s so we decided to create a daily random act of kindness challenge and challenge you, our followers, to join us in completing these challenges!

Listed below are our daily challenges. Play along with us on Instagram and Facebook by using the hashtag #spreadkindnesssiouxfalls


Follow along with us on Instagram & Facebook Friday as we take the entire day to spread kindness around our beautiful community!

Even if you don’t have time to do every challenge, we truly encourage you to do at least one or two. I always remind myself you never know what someone is struggling with so a little bit of kindness can go a long way. The world is a kinder place when you’re kind.

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