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The Necklace Guide: How To Accessorize Necklines

The Necklace Guide: How To Accessorize Necklines
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The perfect necklace can be a great finishing touch to creating the perfect outfit! But sometimes it can be hard to know which necklace style looks best with different necklines.
Do you do long or short?! Statement or dainty?! Gold or silver?! The possibilities are truly endless.
>>> We can help! <<<
We're showing you 6 different necklines with necklaces that work perfectly for each style!

The V-Neck Dress
Whether it's a v-neck dress or a v-neck top, you want to make sure you've got something medium length for this neckline style.
It's easy for a necklace that is too long to get lost with a v-neckline and can appear like you're just wearing a long chain. And too short of a necklace can be unflattering.
(And no one wants that!) 
A medium-length simple necklace like this key necklace is a statement piece, without being too much. If you want something that has a little more detail, a dainty layered necklace like this gold teardrop one looks stunning paired with a v-neckline. It creates a beautiful silhouette and really brings the entire outfit together. 
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The Collared Dress
Okay, so you may be thinking, "why would I put another layer around my neck, shouldn't the collar be enough?!" 
In fact, a short statement necklace pairs wonderfully with this style neckline! It gives the outfit an added unique element and can take your look to a whole other level.
We absolutely love this brightly colored bejeweled statement necklace - it's the perfect look for summer! 
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The Plunging Neckline Top
The plunging favorite neckline of them all!
I love this style of tops and dresses because it's truly all about the neckline. Which means, the perfect necklace is essential. Paring the right necklace with a plunging neckline will take your outfit from stylish to EXTRA stylish.
We suggest either a long necklace with a statement pendant like this white granite rock one with mauve weaving detail OR a multi-layered choker with long details. 
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The Boat Neck Top
As far as boat neck tops and dresses are concerned, you either want to do a really short necklace. Like, choker necklace style short, or long.
Medium length necklaces can create an unflattering look when it comes to the boat neckline. 
We love a unique long fringe tassel necklace with this neckline as it creates a stylish, yet simple look.
If you're looking for something to really add to your outfit, a multi-layered necklace like the silver one shown above looks great as it draws attention to that unique exposed neckline and helps to create a bold look. 
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The Off The Shoulder Top
Ah, off the shoulder tops and dresses. One of spring and summer's hottest trends!
You can really have some fun with necklace styles when it comes to the off the shoulder look. Any length necklace seems to be appropriate with this neckline.
The off the shoulder look is such a fun and flirty look to begin with, we love the idea of a shorter statement necklace to really bring the outfit to life. This yellow floral statement necklace is a great length and looks absolutely fabulous with all of our off the shoulder necklines in-store!
Another great option is a neutral colored long necklace with fun pendant detail. It's simple, yet helps pull the outfit together perfectly. 
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The Scoop Neck Top
When it comes to the scoop neck top or dress, you want either a long or short necklace.
Medium length necklaces tend to get stuck under the neckline and the next thing you know, it's the end of the day and you realize your necklace has been tucked under your shirt and went unseen the entire day. (Yep, been there!)
If it's a simple dress or top (anything without a loud pattern) a short statement necklace like this multicolored bejeweled one pictured above is a great option. It gives the outfit a little something extra and you'll receive compliments on it - all day long!
Not into making a statement and just want something simple? Try a dainty layered necklace like the gold beaded one picture above on the right. It gives the outfit something unique - without being too much! 
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There you have it!
Consider yourself a necklace and neckline style expert.
We want to hear from you! Which necklace and neckline style is your favorite?!
Let us know in the comments. 


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