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Our Model Stephany LOVES KanCan Jeans

Our Model Stephany LOVES KanCan Jeans
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Being SUPER short, having an hour-glass body shape (with a bit of a bootaaay and tiny waist), it has always been a giant struggle for me to find jeans that actually feel comfortable enough to wear while making feel cute! Because, let’s be real…this chick doesn’t roll well feeling uncomfortable! I’m a momma of one 12 year old, and one extremely rambunctious toddler. Between sports, ballet, me trying to keep my cool in Target with my crazy, but loveable little sweety, I’m always on the run! So comfort is an absolute must!



Chelsea’s fell into my lap a couple of years ago and I was introduced to KanCans! Friends! This brand is everything a body like mine has ever dreamt of! The material is such a comfy, stretchy feel so they fit over my booty, and still fit snug over my waist. As far as length goes, again, I’m SHORT! So some of my favorite ‘go-tos’ are the styles that are ripped at the ankle, as they tend to crop up, a tad, in length. However, I also love the rolled look, so I’ve been completely content cuffing them!



Never in a million years did I see myself LOVING jeans. I’m a simple girl who likes things as basic and as comfy as they come. Today? I probably own ten pairs of KanCan jeans from Chelsea’s and literally wear them ALL! SO, if you’re short with a booty and a tiny waist, like me, I HIGHLY recommend stopping into the store and trying some of the many styles they have in stock!



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