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Our Personal Styling Process by Sami Parks

Our Personal Styling Process by Sami Parks
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I remember back before I experienced Chelsea’s personal styling session. I would try multiple items on in a store, possibly buy a bunch of them, just thinking they looked okay enough on me for work. Typically, I’d end up returning all of the clothing items the next day because I had buyers remorse and knew I’d never wear them. I couldn’t find my style as a professional working mother of two energetic boys.

My mother in law bought me and personal styling session almost 2 years ago. She said Chelsea would send me a quiz about what my style, shape, and personality was. To be honest, I thought “how is someone else going to know my style if I can’t figure it out myself?” Little did I know what this session was actually going to be like.

My first session was with my mother and sisters-in-law. When we first arrived at Chelsea’s I was in awe. First, we had the whole place to ourselves! Second, these ladies were actually nice people. They were there to build our confidence through our clothing.

I entered my dressing room and was Instructed to try on this pair of jeans, which fit perfectly. Then to try on each top and we were encouraged to come out to show off our look. I’ll be honest, a few tops of thought “Woah, totally not my style!” After trying on items and coming out of the dressing room, I was shown ways to wear the clothes that made them extremely flattering for my body; maybe tucked in with a blazer for work or a bottom knot after work without the jacket for the kids' soccer games. Who knew I could get the best bang for my buck and not have to go home to completely change between work and games.
I have continued to go to Chelsea’s for personal styling sessions twice a year. Once for my fall/winter wardrobe refresher, and once for my spring/summer refresher. Then to be completely transparent, I don’t tend to buy much in between! I truly only shop at Chelsea’s! The quality is impeccable for a local boutique!


I am already anxious for my next session; my fall/winter wardrobe!

During the pandemic, I was to have my spring/summer session back in March.  I personally take restrictions very seriously due to working with geriatrics and having two immunocompromised family members who I love dearly. That being said, I had to cancel my session. This literally crushed my confidence on so many levels. As a mom, I don’t do much for myself, but this is MY THING! My one thing I do to spend money on myself and focus on myself. I reached out to Becky and Chelsea just devastated on canceling this session.  Then we put our brains together and Chelsea took initiative. She pulled clothing items together, put them on, and sent me pictures. I’m not talking just one or two pictures. She sent me 3 emails full of pictures of how I would wear items for work and how to pair items together. She went over and beyond to make me feel good about myself. Chelsea knows not only my style but she knows me. The team at Chelsea’s gets “it”. They all get what it’s like to be a woman who just wants to feel beautiful; despite having a busy work life and family to tend to. They see me as me and have built up my confidence in how I feel about my body.


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