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Our Top 8 Travel Essentials

Our Top 8 Travel Essentials
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This time of year it seems like everyone you know is hopping on a plane and headed off someplace fabulous! Whether they’re on a grand European adventure, soaking up some in sun on a tropical vacation or exploring a new city, travel is such a fun way to spend time with those we love as well as this big beautiful world we live in. In today’s blog the Chelsea’s staff will be sharing with you a few of their favorite travel essentials that you can always find in their suitcases!  


1. A Striped Tee Shirt

Last Spring my husband I spend 2 weeks traveling around Europe. Something you can always find on my packing list is a good comfy stripe shirt. I love wearing stripes and always feel in style and classic when I wear them.

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2. Sunglasses

Wherever I travel to I make sure to take along a good pair of sunglasses. Nothing ruins a good day of sight seeing or reading by the pool more than trying to squint in the bright afternoon sun. Not only are sunglasses an awesome practical thing to take along on your adventures with you but they’re also incredibly stylish and are a great way to tie together an outfit.

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3. Graphic tee

A cute graphic tee is typically one of my go to pieces when packing for vacation. No matter where I'm going, I find a graphic tee to be a practical yet stylish piece that I can pair with both jeans and skirts. It's especially fun when the graphic tee pairs well with the location. For example, I packed a graphic tee with a french quote on it when I went to Paris!

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4. Pretty dress

Even though a pretty dress might not be a daily go-to piece when on vacation, it's great to have for those days when you feel like dressing up or going to a nice dinner. No matter where I'm going, I like to pack at least one pretty, dressier option (and I'm usually very glad for it!) Also, if you're anything like me, you take a bunch of photos when traveling. Whenever I have a pretty dress on, it makes me feel even more confident and excited to take photos. 

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5. Denim jacket

I keep this one in my suitcase because it literally goes with everything! Whether I’m wearing a dress or jeans, a denim jacket is a must! I will bring a denim jacket even if I’m headed somewhere south, because sometimes the air conditioned buildings feel too cold or when the sun goes down at night the temperatures can significantly change!

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6. A pair of comfortable sandals

We've all been stuck walking somewhere in uncomfortable shoe and if my feet are uncomfortable, I’m uncomfortable. I always bring a pair of comfy sandals with me when I travel so if I”m walking for miles on the streets of New York or along the sandy beaches of Cabo, I don’t have to worry about aching feet or blisters.

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7.Kimono Top 

I love a great kimono for vacationing because it has so many uses. I use it as a swim suit cover up to and from the pool, its a nice lightweight item to carry around for cooler evenings, or if you are in a tank or tank dress and find yourself at an establishment with a dress code you can fit right in!

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8. Maxi Dress

I always bring a nice basic maxi dress to any vacation. Its such a simple staple you can dress up or down, and its so casual and classic and most of all comfortable! You can always dress it up with heels and a great statement necklace, or down with sandals and a big sun hat. 

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Thanks for taking the time to read about our travel essentials! We’d love to hear from you! What are the travel essentials we can count on finding in your suitcase?

Wherever your travels take you this spring, we wish you happy and safe travels!


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