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Personal Styling Session Walkthrough Featuring Lisa Kuzman

Personal Styling Session Walkthrough Featuring Lisa Kuzman
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We have all been there, there’s no doubt about that. Some mornings I wake up and seem to rummage around in my closet for what seems like hours before finally deciding on an outfit that I’m just not that into…

Then I leave the house feeling less than prepared for my day, hyper-critical of myself and plain icky. We’ve all heard some rendition of the phrase, “leaving for the day with your best shoe forward…” So what if I told you that you could leave the house with your best entire self forward. Intriguing, isn’t it?

We were recently gifted with the presence of the lovely Lisa Kuzman in the store for a Personal Styling Session. Admittedly, she came into Chelsea’s feeling grumpy and a bit lackluster. She was having one of those dreaded aforementioned mornings. Lisa was kind enough to let us record her session which we then broke down into segments for you so that you could envision exactly what a Personal Styling Session is like. Here are our steps:


Step 1: Booking + Questionnaire

Upon booking your session, you will receive an email that will prompt you with questions regarding your shape, size, style and so on. Lisa felt like this was a great base for a positive experience and that it seemed like, right away, Chelsea’s was addressing the things that mattered to her. It is of the utmost importance to us to create tailored sessions for each and every woman. YOU matter to us.


Step 2: Show Up & Let Us Pamper You

“Friendly, warm, welcoming and safe.” I had chills when Lisa uttered this sentence. We are friendly. We are not intimidating. We are warm and we are welcoming. And, perhaps above all, we are SAFE. When you show up for your session you’ll be given a folder we call our Styling Folder. It has a couple of sheets to continue to hone in on exactly how you envision yourself with your best shoe forward. We hope that this continues the process of creating a complication-free experience.

Step 3: Hand-Picked Items Waiting for You!

During your two-hour timeframe, you have a personal stylist dedicated to you and only you. Lisa said that this allowed for her to ask all of her questions and that it made her feel very comfortable. Have you ever been out shopping and, when you just really want to ask the store employee how she tied that cute little skinny just can’t find her, or she’s diligently assisting another customer? This is what we hope to avoid. This session is all about you, babe. Your personal stylist will have entire outfits chosen just for you.


Step 4: Decide on Your Favorite Pieces

We have a zero-obligation policy. You will not be pressured, sales-pitched or urged to purchase anything when it is time to wrap up your session. Lisa loved that her stylist actually said, “Don’t get anything you don’t really love.” No regrets! We genuinely believe that if your heart feels as though you have found pieces that make sense for you, that you will be thrilled to bring them home with you.


Step 5: Feedback Time

How would we continue to grow as confidence-boosters if we didn’t receive any feedback? We want it all. The good, the bad and the meh. Lay it on us. At the end of your session, you’ll be given an opportunity to let us know how your experience was.


Step 6: Leave With the Pieces You Love and the Confidence to Match

Lisa let us know at the beginning of her afternoon with us that she’d had a trying morning. She wasn’t feeling super stoked to be trying on clothes that day and she, admittedly, was grumpy. At the end of her session, she stated that her experience had completely turned her mood around. She left with a restored boost of confidence and was feeling like a million bucks. There is no better music to our ears, truly. This is our why. This is our hope for your Personal Styling Session at Chelsea’s.

You will then be asked to join our private Facebook community for fashion advice, sneak peeks of new arrivals and insider sales.

Does a personal styling session sound like your kind of thing? Book here:


Watch our full video walkthrough below!



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