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Recap: Model Giveaway

Recap: Model Giveaway
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Seriously you guys. The number, and type, of responses we received for this Model For A Day Giveaway, were overwhelmingly inspiring.
So many of you had such amazingly sweet and heartening things to say about the special ladies in your life.
The #girlgang feels were strong.
The Winner 
Meet Jennifer. 
Jennifer was our incredibly beautiful, hilarious and overall fierce winner of our Model For A Day Giveaway.
Meet Siera. 
Siera was the beautiful soul who nominated her best friend, Jennifer.
Holy beautiful, right??! These two ladies are tremendously gorgeous on the outside and their personalities shine even brighter than their smiles.
Now that official introductions have been made, let's recap the amazing day... 
The Nomination 
Jennifer and Siera met while working at Premier Bankcard and have been friends for almost five years. We were immediately touched by what Siera had to say about her bff, Jennifer. 
"...Feels like I won already just having you as my friend!" (Pass the tissue box, please. 😭 😍 )
Prior to the photo shoot day, we sent Siera a few in-depth questions about Jennifer and their friendship. One of the things Siera mentioned in both the Facebook nomination post and in the other in-depth questionnaire was the weight loss journey that Jennifer has been on for the past year. When we asked Siera was she was most excited for Jennifer on this day of pampering her response was, 
"Her feeling beautiful just the way she is. It's great to continue working towards health/fitness goals, but it's important to take a moment and embrace the very spot you're in, especially when you've come as far as she has." 
Spot. On. 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
We couldn't wait to spoil Jennifer and show her how truly beautiful she is - no matter where she was at in her weight loss journey. 
Hair & Makeup 

The day started bright and early at The Factory by JakeBlow & Co. for hair and makeup. 

Siera and Jennifer were all smiles from the moment they walked through the door. 

Siera thought she was just along to witness Jennifer's day of pampering, but we were so incredibly touched by all the beautiful things she had to say about Jennifer, that we wanted to spoil her too.

After a few minutes of Siera watching the pampering process on Jennifer, we surprised her and told her she was getting her hair and makeup done too!

Her reaction was that of a selfless person. She nervously laughed and smiled from ear to ear. When we asked her what she felt in that moment, this was what she had to say.

"Oh gosh. I was completely surprised I never do anything for myself. Like the first time I shopped for new clothes was when we came in to do the fitting last Saturday. Chelsea is such an amazing person I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s just so amazing and awesome."

She then mentioned she almost hadn't come today, because she had to take PTO to be here with Jennifer, but that it was really important to her to be here and support her friend. (ya, these two, so adorable!)

While the girls were getting their hair and makeup done, we were able to sit and chat with them and get to know them on a more personal level. We asked Jennifer what this day meant to her, 
"It’s important. I’ve never really done anything like this. It feels awesome to have a Mom’s day off. I’m a mom of three boys, I don’t get to do this. I really have to move things around if I ever want to just go get my nails done so having this day feels so amazing."

Jennifer and Siera's finished hair and makeup looks were unbelievably gorgeous.

We want to give a big thank you and a HUGE shout out to Kiley Black (@kileyblk) for the stunning hair and Amanda Black (@amanduhhblk) for the spectacular makeup. 

Next up, the photo shoot! 
The Photo Shoot 
Next up on the agenda after hair and makeup was the photo shoot for our website.
Jennifer walked out in her first outfit and danggg that girl has curves to KILL for. When it came to modeling she was such a natural. 
Jennifer posed for 5 different outfits and you can see all the outfits here
The next and final part of the day was the photo shoot with Siera and Jennifer together.
Oh. My. Gosh.
We'll just let the photos do the talking for this part because I don't think I can put into words how much fun we had and how many laughs we shared! 
Bringing It All Together 

We had so much fun spending the day with Jennifer and Siera. They have such a genuine, and uplifting friendship and their laughs were totally contagious. When we asked what their favorite part of the day was, they both had very similar responses in the fact that they got to enjoy the day together.

 THANK YOU, ladies, for allowing us to be part of this special day. We hope everyone has a friendship like Siera and Jennifer's.  
OH! and...
Remember how I mentioned how much of a natural Jennifer was? Well, she was so great when it came to modeling and we loved her so much that we are beyond excited to announce that Jennifer will be one of our new Chelsea's Boutique models!
Be sure to stay tuned to our website to see a lot more of Jennifer. 
And finally, we want to give a big thank you to everyone who nominated someone for this Model For A Day Giveaway. Everyone was so incredibly beautiful inside and out and we were honored to read such amazing things about all of you! ❤️


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