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Rockin' A Graphic Tee

Rockin' A Graphic Tee
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The crown-jewel of summertime. The beauty on the boat. The go-to item in the front of the closet...

The Graphic Tee

We celebrate this trend season and season over and love to see how frequently the styles change. It doesn't matter if you're a simple screen print only kinda person or an all out glitter text + landscape, there's truly something for all y'all. 



The outfit above is your good-'ol-go-to outfit for a graphic tee. Add any denim skirt, a killer hat, and a pair of booties and you'll look like a total fox. Worried about a graphic tee being a little too long to tuck in? That's no problem either. We adore the look of a little knot at the front bottom hemline of your tee - it will save you from adding bulk to your tuck-in-spot. ;) 



Oh yeah, girl. The mom jean. Love them, embrace them, totally get a pair. We all know how comfy Kancans are. Imagine a boyfriend-style Kancan with a little knee distressing. Not to mention they pair so well with a graphic tee

Please check out how adorable Caitlyn is in this video (below). She shows you three different ways to wear a graphic tee and we love every single one of them. Did you know that Catilyn is also one of our personal stylists? Her casually-classic style is perfect for every session. 

What I love about personal styling sessions is that they help you learn more about and develop your own style in a way that’s super fun and detailed. My favorite part, specifically, is that the focus is on you! The positive and encouraging environment these sessions provide help you focus on what makes you, and only you, FEEL good.




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