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Selfcare Picks From Our Staff

Selfcare Picks From Our Staff
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What does self-care mean to you? The definition varies from person to person but, as women, we tend to let ourselves get overwhelmed in our everyday lives. The importance of taking some time to yourself to recenter is something that we take ppprrreeetttttyyy seriously around here.

By knowing how the women around you love to unwind and focus on themselves, you can, as a friend and support system, help to guide them through their rough and tumble days. How wonderful would it be if you could recognize a struggle your girl was having and interject by offering them the space to wade through the issue? "Hey, lady, I can see that you're having a bad day or that something is challenging to you right now. You should go _________" <-- Then you suggest they do the THING that you now know they love to do when they need to take some time for self-care! How beautiful a thing it is to be present for those we love. <3  


There are two self-care tips that I use for myself regularly! I love to listen to worship music, and I also love to write! Both of these practices fill me up as well as help me release emotions, good or bad, which lets them flow out of me to bring new happy thoughts in! Highly recommend! 



My favorite self-care practice is to intentionally get outside at least once a day! I've learned that it helps me feel relaxed and to take a break from my to-do list since I am often inside of buildings all day between class and work. Although it's not always easy in our Midwest winters, being outdoors even for a short walk with my pup or to class that day really brightens my mood.




Journaling: I love lists! I love to make them, revise them and study them. I recently fell in love with the Simple Morning Lists journal by Desirae Endres. I love her podcast minimal-ish ( another favorite self-care activity). I've made this journal part of my morning self-care routine. You create 5 lists every day, these lists are a great daily practice of letting go, getting grateful, and reminding yourself where you're headed. Every morning I’m reminded of my personal mission statement, my daily affirmations, what I’m grateful for and things that I’m in need of surrendering that day (most of the time it's surrendering the need to be “perfect”)! It’s a great way to start my day off with the right focus! 

Link to my journal of choice:

Coffee and Jesus to start the day: As a new mom, life can get pretty busy at times! I’ve found starting my day off with focusing on what truly matters: my faith, my family and my personal mission statement get my day moving in the right direction. I love to sit on my living room floor while my baby plays nearby, with a cup of fresh hot coffee and a beautiful devotional. Focusing on my faith is the calm I need when my days get busy or stressful! I love devotionals with beautiful artwork in them like GraceLaced by Ruth Chou Simmons

Link to Devotional:



There are so many ways in which I love to practice self-care, it has taken me a while to learn how crucial it is for my overall well being. For me, drawing boundaries and taking care of my needs and emotions before others is my best form of self-care. Sometimes I like to drop everything for the ones I love, work, or friends. But it’s much more important to me now to check in with myself and ask if I have the mental capacity to do so at that moment. It has been a very recent practice, but it has made my life so much more enjoyable. My friends and family are all so proud that I’ve finally learned how to set that standard for myself. 




Now before you call me out on the fact that this is just a bunch of photos of my husband and my baby and that this has nothing to do with myself...let me explain. Spending my time with meditated intention has always been a great challenge for me. I overload myself with work, clients, motherhood, and being a wife, and am horrible at doing anything for myself, ever. To take care of myself, I love to remember to date my husband. I've loved this man for over 11 years now and, in our 6th year of marriage, it's easy to brush aside our needs as a couple. Paul and I love to get dressed up and eat spend time together at our favorite restaurants (usually without Baby joining ;)). I also love to spend a random weekend, sometimes spontaneously, out of town somewhere new to us. It's a great way to slow down and unplug. It forces me to unwind and I love driving, and, therefore I love road trips. The bottom images make me so happy. Gardening is something that my family dove into headfirst a few years ago and one of my favorite things to do is spend alone time talking to plants. Ha! It's true. Finally, the image of Ophelia making pizza crusts with her best friend Clara is to illustrate my need to remember to be social. I love the relationships that I have with my beautiful friends and this little lady with Opie is 1/4 of an incredible family that we love so dearly. 




One important way I’ve consistently cared for myself this winter has been through establishing a morning routine. My routine includes walking my pup Ruby, reading Scripture, drinking coffee and water, and meditating on the Lord. My whole day remains more balanced and grounded because of the time I can take right away to align myself with what is good and valuable to me.




My self-care routine is constantly changing, but that’s what I love about it! Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of coloring and making sure I set aside time to grab coffee with friends.




To be honest my self-care practice has been put on the back burner for some time now.  I am a mom of 6 (19, 14, 8, 3, 6 1/2-month-old twins), an educational assistant at Lowell, a part-time caterer with Chef Dominique's and a Confidence stylist at Chelsea's.  Being an employee and mom of many, I sometimes forget to take care of myself first. I truly believe if my cup is empty than I can't fill another's including my family and those around me. But sometimes I am not so good at filling my cup. So as of recently, I decided to join a POUND class provided after school with some of my co-workers. It's basically a cardio class that uses drum sticks. It is so amazing and helps relieve some tension. I also decided to join a small women's group provided by my children's daycare. We are reading the book "You Are Free" by Rebekah Lyons. These activities, exercising, and reading are my favorites. By making a commitment to practice more self-care, I am able to be a better mom, significant other, employee, friend, and person to everyone I encounter in my life.




Self-care to me is more than just a warm bubble bath and candles (not that there's anything wrong with that) but to me, it's so much deeper and means so much more. Self-care is about doing things that help you stay grounded and to be connected and kind to your mind body and soul. One way I practice self-care is by not working past 2 pm on Fridays and never on Saturdays or Sundays. Now, that may seem like an odd "self-care practice" but for me, it's everything. I love what I do and I love working long hours and days to accomplish my big dreams and goals. To stop working is hard for me, but I know if I don't, it quickly leads to burnout, a lost connection to my friends and family and feelings of guilt from not spending enough time with those closest to me. I am a better wife, friend, boss and leader when I take time off to relax, rejuvenate and get connected with myself again.



It doesn't matter if you're a mani/pedi kinda girl, a lights off by 9pm kinda girl, someone that will finish a book in one sitting, or someone that just needs to spend some time alone... self-care comes in hundreds of different forms. What are you doing for yourself?


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