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Setting Soulful Intentions Workshop

Setting Soulful Intentions Workshop
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If you've recently been in to see our newest space, you've probably noticed we have A LOT more room than at our old location. With the extra space, it is our desire is to focus even more on our mission of empowering women. Because of this desire, we decided to start hosting monthly empowerment events. 

The goal of these empowerment events is to be a place where like-minded women of the community can come together to encourage and uplift one another and enjoy a fun night out.

January 26th marked our very first women's empowerment event here at the boutique. We had the honor of having writer, teacher and host of the Being Inspired Radio Show, Amanda Johnson with us leading us through the Setting Soulful Intentions Workshop.

We know a few of you couldn’t make it out to our first event so here’s a little recap of the workshop!

Our first host, Amanda Johnson, has one mission: “to inspire recovering perfectionists and help over-thinkers turn their critic into their ally so they can reveal their wholeness within and love the life they have.” One thing that I took away from Amanda’s workshop is to extend more grace to myself this year.

One of the first exercises Amanda walked us through was writing down some of our accomplishments from the past year. Even though my list of things I didn’t accomplish was a lot longer than my accomplishment list, simply pausing to write them down really made me acknowledge that I made some pretty huge progress within the past year.

Amanda had us focus a lot on the question “what feeling or experience do I want to have more of in my life?” By posing this question it made us think about deeper questions like what are my priorities, my desires, and my needs. After we examined that part we moved on to the how. How can I plan to live out these intentions and what habits can support me to live out these intentions.

I love how Amanda made us think of some overarching themes of feelings we wanted to feel and took that down to something more concrete like the habits we wanted to practice that would support how we wanted to feel.

We want to give a big thank you to Amanda Johnson for helping us kick off these events and the year in such a positive way. And another big thank you goes out to all those who attended!

Be sure to watch for Amanda’s new book, “Becoming Enough: A Heroine’s Journey to the Already Perfect Self” which will be on shelves this spring! 

Mark your calendars! 

Our next empowerment event is coming up on February 23rd. We’ll be hosting a Galentine’s Day event for you and your gal pals! Watch the Chelsea’s Boutique facebook page for more information.

Join us! 

Want to stay up to date on our monthly empowerment events and be a part of an amazing online community where women uplift and encourage one another? Well then follow this link to join our Empowering Women of Sioux Falls Facebook group. We'd love to have you join our little community! 


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