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A Challenge to Leave Your Comfort Zone

A Challenge to Leave Your Comfort Zone
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Fashion has never been my forte. Throughout my school years and even during college, I wore nothing but jeans and t-shirts. My fashion style was dictated by the motto of “the baggier, the better”. I wanted to hide the body that God blessed me with because it didn’t look like the bodies of the girls in Tiger Beat, ‘Bop or ‘Teen magazines. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties and I had an interview for my first professional position that I began to learn the value of investing in a wardrobe that made me feel confident in my own skin. I will never forget the first time that I wore an outfit that had been styled specifically for ME! The confidence that I felt was a feeling that I wouldn’t soon forget! 

Then I became a mom and an entrepreneur and over time I forgot how to put myself at the top of the priority list. I reverted to my jeans and t-shirts style and I paid no attention to how my clothing choices fit my body type. The only requirement for me to make a clothing purchase was if the size tag said XL on it and the price was right…not a great fashion strategy. During an especially difficult time in my life about 1.5 years ago, I was gifted one of the best gifts I’ve ever received, a styling session at Chelsea’s Boutique. I vividly remember dreading going to this styling session because I had a pre-conceived notion in my head that nothing would fit my nearly forty-year-old body that had birthed four children. I was very clear on my pre-session questionnaire that in no uncertain terms would I be walking out with any dresses. I had not worn a dress in well over twenty years and I had no plans to start now. 



I walked in to Chelsea’s for my first styling session and was greeted warmly by my Confidence Stylist who had everything I would be trying on already laid out in my dressing room, including multiple accessories to complement every outfit. I was treated to a drink of my choice and enjoyed very pleasant conversation that made me feel completely at ease.

There was only one problem…there was a bunch of dresses in my dressing room!

I agreed to try them on just to appease my Confidence Stylist (and maybe to prove Chelsea wrong too!). However, when I tried that first dress on, something changed. I looked in the mirror and saw a gorgeous woman staring back at me. A woman who had no idea what the size tag on this dress (or any other piece of clothing in my dressing room for that matter) was and the thought never even occurred to me to look. That Confidence Stylist saw something in me that I hadn’t seen in myself for nearly a decade…a beautiful, courageous woman who was more than the size on a tag. I am the beholder of a strong body that was made perfectly by my Creator and Chelsea’s styling sessions have gifted me the opportunity to clothe my body with beautiful wardrobe staples that I have worn throughout every season in the past two years. 



I was reminded that night how important it is to prioritize ourselves occasionally and one of the ways that I do that now is to schedule a styling session at least once or twice a year. The Confidence Stylists are always respectful of my budget and offer suggestions for multiple ways to use the pieces that I walk away with. I have never felt any pressure to purchase items that weren’t perfect for me and I am always given honest encouragement on the best choices for my body type. After each styling session, I receive promotions via email and have even chatted online with the ladies to ask about purchases through the website to get feedback on if a piece of clothing would fit my body style. 



In case you were wondering, I walked out of Chelsea’s with three dresses that night of my first styling session, but more importantly I walked out of that store with a renewed spirit in my body and the beauty that I possess. My experiences during my styling sessions at Chelsea’s are truly one of the best investments that I make in myself every year. Chelsea’s is not just a boutique offering stylish clothing, it is a safe place for women to regain their confidence. 


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