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Solutions To 4 Fashion Dilemmas During Your First Trimester

Solutions To 4 Fashion Dilemmas During Your First Trimester
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Did you recently pee on a stick and see two pink lines? Well, congratulations Momma! Now, here’s a big question for are your jeans feeling? You are just entering your first trimester of pregnancy and have so many exciting moments ahead on this journey, and I pray you will learn to love and appreciate this amazing body and all the hard work it’s doing (girl, you’re literally growing a human being!) For me, fashion in the first trimester was tricky, a learning process and I had a few little meltdowns along the way but here are some pregnancy fashion tips that I hope will guide you along in your journey.

I had 4 main fashion dilemmas during my first trimester.

Dilemma #1 - I wasn’t ready to tell people I was pregnant yet but my bump was getting noticeable.

Everyone announces their pregnancy to the world at different times and that is completely fine. I only told people once I felt comfortable but I was worried that people would look at me and one, think maybe I ate too many Christmas cookies, or automatically know I was expecting.

Solution: Find ways to hide the bump. I swear during the first trimester I lived in cozy oversized tunics, soft dresses, and layered jackets.

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Dilemma #2 - I literally have nothing to wear!

Okay maybe this is dramatic and not 100% true, but I had times getting ready that sent me into meltdown mode because everything I tried on did not work for me that day! I wasn’t totally aware how much this early on in pregnancy my body could change.

Photo Credit: Studiofotografie

 Photo Credit: Studiofotografie

Solution: Planning! This saved my sanity and probably my husbands too. By planning out my outfits and sometimes having to do laundry a little more often I learned I could avoid these fashion emergencies.


Dilemma #3 - I was literally clueless on all things maternity branded

The biggest problem I ran into early on was not being able to wear my daily fashion staple of high waisted jeans. Being new to this whole pregnancy thing, I didn’t exactly know what to do or where to start looking for solutions and felt intimidated and overwhelmed by it.

Solution - Use your tribe of amazing women! Current and past moms have amazing life hacks that will literally save your sanity if you just ask them! One day at work I simply asked Allana what to do about not fitting into your jeans, and she told me about belly bands and where to find them. Belly bands finally got me back into some of my favorite denim and made me feel like I had a lot of great wardrobe options again.

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Dilemma #4 - I was nauseous and exhausted

For me, this was one of the hardest parts because when I don't feel good sometimes my motivation to look good goes down. But I did find if I spend a little extra time getting ready, putting on a good outfit, throwing on some mascara, etc. the routine of it would actually help me feel a little better.

Solution: Keep it simple. Planning out outfits in advance and finding clothes/fabrics that feel soft and cozy really made me feel happy, and for me that made all the difference. For me one of my favorite outfits was this killer cowl neck poncho, some cozy fleece lined leggings and a great pair of over the knee boots. This outfit was/is one of my favorites. When I wear it I feel fashionable, pulled together, but secretly so cozy and comfortable!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post. Can any of you relate to these dilemmas? What were/are some of your biggest fashion dilemmas during your first trimester? What tips and tricks do you have for women starting off on this amazing pregnancy journey?

-Kacie Olson


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