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Store Remodel & 10 Year Anniversary

Store Remodel & 10 Year Anniversary
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After plenty of feedback, planning, and dreaming, we finally decided to remodel parts of the store! These new areas are now brighter, more updated, and better organized. We are so excited for you to see the updates in person! 



One piece of common feedback that we got from our customers was that our dressing rooms were too dark. Well, we definitely addressed that in our remodel! The dressing rooms are now bright, white, and updated. The difference is easily noticeable as soon as you step foot in one of the rooms. 



This area of our store used to be dark, cluttered, and easy to ignore. We've updated it by making it bright, clean, and organized! Our jeans are now well organized and easy to look at. Not to mention, we think this display is pretty dang cute.



We used to have a vast selection of shoes that were displayed on two pallet walls in this section, but after getting lots of feedback from customers, we realized you didn't want that large of a shoe selection. SO, we cut our shoes in half and instead installed a hanging rack and shelf to make space for more clothes. This area is now more organized and super cute!


The front of our store got a beautiful update with this birch branch hanging rack and a bright, white wall. This area looks so clean, bright, and organized. Not to mention, it's so pretty! This might be our favorite part of the store now.

These areas look even better in person, so stop in to see for yourself!

A perfect time to stop in is for our 10 year anniversary on Friday, March 1st! 


Stop in anytime from 10am to 8pm for:
- A chance to win 1 of 10 AMAZING (if we do say so ourselves) giveaways
- BOGO 30% off the ENTIRE store
- CUPCAKES (oh yeah!)
- Margaritas
- And more! Who knows what other fun stuff we'll end up adding in!

The giveaways:
1. Free year of shoes
2. Free year of accessories
3. Free personal styling sessions for a year
4. Free year of empowerment events
5. $100 gift card
6. $100 gift card
7. $50 gift card
8. $50 gift card
9. Private group shopping experience
10. Private group shopping experience

This party is for all of you wonderful customers, so come and let us treat you to desserts, drinks, sales, and giveaways! Plus, you can check out our remodel!

Which update to our store is your favorite?! Let us know in the comments below!


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