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Introducing...Our Personal Styling Lounge!

Introducing...Our Personal Styling Lounge!
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What if your shopping experience was completely personalized and private? What would it mean to you if you could have a one-on-one personal styling session with a trained personal stylist? Let us introduce you to our brand new Personal Styling Lounge!...



There can be so much more to shopping than sifting through racks in a confused and unsure way. If you've ever been in the position where you're just not sure how to wear a piece of clothing or are just hoping for a couple of words of encouragement to make sure you're lookin' fly in that dress...that's what we're here for. We will provide unbiased, honest and careful consideration for you to ensure that you're loving how you're feeling while shopping at Chelsea's.  



It's not challenging to find a store that provides a personal stylist to you. Many places and online shops will diligently work with you to find what you're looking for. We wanted to take the extra step, though, and completely personalize this process for you. Our brand new Personal Styling Lounge is private, bright and airy, comfortable and provides the unique experience that every woman hopes for when they're looking for a little wardrobe boost. 



Our Personal Styling Lounge features head-to-toe mirrors so we can style you from each angle, a stunning jewelry bar to be sure you're accessories are in order, well-lit fitting rooms with cozy rugs, a fainting (a little boy labeled this as our fainting couch and that hasn't left my mind since :D) couch for your support team (if you choose to bring a friend or have a friend getting styled with you) AND a *real* bar for snacks and beverages of your choice. 



We need you to feel beautiful, empowered, loved and well-clothed when you leave a styling session at Chelsea's! Grab your girl gang and book a session with us today! Click on the tab right at the top of the page that says Book Styling Session.


Check out this video to get a full tour of this beautiful lounge! 


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