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Things That No One Will Tell You About Your First Month As A Mom

Things That No One Will Tell You About Your First Month As A Mom
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You’ve waited months for this moment; through the joy of feeling that baby inside you, to the not so fun moments of morning sickness and round ligament pain; with anticipation and excitement. You are bringing your new baby home!  


As a mother of 2 beautiful girls, there are some moments I’ll never forget. One of the biggest is the moment in the hospital where the doctor gave us the OK to head home. I was in shock with my oldest. You're just going to LET me leave with this little person I just met? This little creature I have NO idea how to take care of by myself?? All the “What to Expect” books did not prepare us for the drive home. My lovely husband literally drove 10 miles an hour down the road, scared of hitting a bump in the road. There are so many things that will be foreign those first few weeks, so here are a few things no one is going to tell you, but are super helpful to know!


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Pick items that are comfy yet presentable. People will stop by at any moment of the day, driven by the absolute NEED to hold your new baby. These people will give no warning, they will not take into account that you are tired and stressed and just want some alone time with this little person you just met. Friends and family members don’t care, they just want to see that baby. Let me repeat, they just need to see that baby. I highly considered closing all our blinds and pretending not to be home a few times, but realized that the frustration of surprise guests was merely because of their joy and excitement about our child. A few comfy pairs of high rise leggings (trust me, the higher the better!) and some soft tank tops and cardigans were my go to in order to feel like I was in PJ’s but look presentable enough to not be confused for a beggar woman.



Snack, snack often, snack all day long if need be. Simple things like those little circle cheeses, celery or crackers and peanut butter, or even popcorn will help you get through the day, especially if you are breast feeding. The minute you sit down to a hot meal, that baby WILL need to eat, or poop, or just want to be held with both hands (don’t even try the one arm hold, baby gets what baby wants) and so snacking throughout the day will help keep your energy up between meals you barely get to eat. 


Get a Netflix account

Netflix and chill will have a whole new meaning to you. Midnight viewings of old episodes of “The Office” while trying to stay awake through a feeding, or catching up on the newest “it” docu-series while doing that whole squat/rotate/light bounce deal needed at times to get baby to sleep (we all know the routine I’m talking about!) will be much easier with a little distraction.  


Don’t be too hard on yourself

The most important thing that needs to be said more often than it is, is that YOU’VE GOT THIS! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have moments of feeling like you don’t have it all together. Your routine, the one you’ve cultivated as an adult, is about to change in a really big and important way. If my kids taught me anything, its how to function when I feel like I’m least qualified to do so. I’ll let you in on a little secret, especially with your first child, NO ONE knows what the heck they are doing. No one. Anyone who seems like they have it together has probably cried in their bathroom at least 5 times, at a minimum. So much about those first few weeks or months is survival - but the best part of that survival is the joy you are about to feel. Just when you feel like you can’t possibly be doing things right, your new baby will let you know you are exactly what they need. Chin up buttercup, you are stronger than you even know, remember you just grew and brought a whole new person into the world! 

-Allana Rogge


What's one thing that no one told you about that first month as a mom, but that you wished you would have known?! Tell us in the comments below.


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