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2020 Goal Check In

2020 Goal Check In
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It is February and just like that we're into the second month of the new decade. Incredible. I've always felt like January flies by though many seem to argue the opposite. I wanted to take some time to challenge you to take a look at the goals you set for 2020 and decide how you feel about where you are within them. Are you on track? Have you set yourself up for success? Do you need to make changes? (YES - you're allowed to nix some to better align yourself with where you need and want to be.) 



When I performed my personal goal check-in this last week, I began by writing my word of 2020, intentional, on a bright piece of paper next to the goals notebook that I've been using to help guide me through the steps. I've never been good at the bigger picture. As a mother and wife with two full-time jobs, I very much so live in the moment. Though I strive to always set myself up for success, it is incredibly important to me that I am intentional with my time. If it doesn't light a fire within me, I need to determine whether it's appropriate for me to spend time (something I have little of), energy (something I have little of, lol), money (something I have little of), and whatever else on that thing.

Here are some suggestions that I have to help you with your goal check-in. 

1. Be Clear With Yourself. Does this [goal] still align exactly with my intention of 2020? If you not clear with what success will come from your goal when you complete it, you need to dig deeper. For myself, if the outcome of achievement is not gratifying, changing, supportive, and noticeable, I will simply put off every step that I could take to make sure I'm setting myself up for success. If you're now second-guessing any of the goals that you set for yourself because you feel like you don't understand why you set them or why you haven't done any work (yet) to achieve them, it's time to determine whether or not you need to rework your expectations or simply rework your goal. You must understand why your goal is important to you. 

2. Map that shiz out. Have you taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder assessment? My No.1 strength is input. Something that I have learned about myself over the last six months is that I have to know as much as I can about the things that I am expected to do and do well. Wanna know what my No. 2 strength is? It's achiever. Put simply - I get stuff done and I have to do it to my very high standards. In fact, of my top five strengths, two fall under execution and two fall under strategic thinking. Why do these things matter to me when considering my goals? Solid inquiry, my friend.  

I love (and need) to chart or map out my goals. You might also hear this practice referred to as goal mapping or establishing action steps. If I can take the one big idea and break it down into, say, 10 sub-goals, those sub-goals all serve as the building blocks that I will use to be sure I'm setting myself up for achievement. Those smaller sub-goals also help to keep my spirits up because, each time I complete one of the small things, I know that I'm serving my bigger picture. Below you will find an image of Tony Robbins' goal mapping worksheet. It serves as a great example!

4. Evaluate your timeline. When you set your goal, did you consider the timeline in which you expected yourself to complete it? I believe that it is challenging to remember that, when considering goals you wish to complete within one calendar year, you owe it to yourself to choose timeframes that make sense. For example, one of my goals in 2020 is to put, at minimum, $5,000 into my savings account. It would simply not make sense, in my life, to expect myself to be able to do this by the end of January. Push yourself to thrive but if I constantly set unattainable goals, I get down on myself which, in the end, is not doing me any good. 

 5. Celebrate yourself. If you're put in the work to set up yearly goals, you owe it to yourself to celebrate your victories. There are many different ways that you can host a little party for yourself. Some of my favorites are: host a solo dance party in my living room, treat myself to something out of my ordinary (like a massage or pedicure), share my goal crushing with a supportive friend that I know will be proud of me and will then encourage me to keep working, enjoy a glass of champagne.  

I challenge you to sit down and go through the process. Take the time to be sure you're setting yourself up for success and that your goals align well with the projection of your year.

xx, becky 


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